Minimum flight time - Dark Gate

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    • Minimum flight time - Dark Gate

      Hello Spcaepilots,

      attatched are the survey results for the minimum flight time:

      Let it be like it is now!39.83%
      Only Attack Flights should have minimum flight time60.17%

      We are planning to turn of the minimum flight time for everything exeptt attacks / Alliance Attacks next weekend.


      Spaceinvasion Team
    • Actually we could get benefit only on transfer/transport/recycle flight in the same solar system..cause the flight time to another sistem is over 5 mins unless you have very high engines technology.
      It could be useful also to transfer some spy probes which can move very fast.
      Also if you want to attack someone in your system, you need to wait to launch recycler with a good timing..and you will not get any advantages.

      I can't see any bad implications, good idea then! :thumbsup: