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    • We already added 2 new AZ which increased the "everyone can attack you" points to 2Millions.

      Also before 2008 there was an good working function called "escape flight". Also new players have to lern what this means and how does it work.
      If you have this "free attack border" at 2Million points means that players have to know what an escape flight is.

      Increase this barrier means only that a player have to learn it later - but THEY HAVE STILL TO LEARN IT.

      So i don't understand why you dont understand that this brings nothing.
      In 1week or 2months or maybe 6months we go again on the board and you will post a "add more az" thread.
    • Dschibait wrote:

      So i don't understand why you dont understand that this brings nothing.
      We know about escape flight. We know about it from the very beginning. That's not the question.

      The question is why it isn't more scaled. A 10x increase in point levels is a HUGE increase in available resources that can be brought to bear in an attack.

      Now, I know people will say "but you should learn to escape flight." Yes, you should. And I'm sure you do. But these days, spending hours in front of the browser to play the game is not really an option for most people, and so they tend to make tactical moves that last a short period of time. As a result, it's VERY hard to find planets to attack when combined with the decrease in active players (99 online out of 720 registered in Retro right now). I remember when there were hundreds of players online at once and communications, trades, and attacks were happening all the time.

      Now, all there is is a VERY large player attacking a not-so-large player when they find them and the not-so-large player getting discouraged and quitting the game after time. You can argue that they should have learned to escape flight, but if you stick to the "learn to escape flight" as the only way to convince people to stay in the game, then they will leave. And you will be left with a core of high level players that will eventually die off and the game will die.
    • Knazaa wrote:

      We can Escape flight under 2 millions points.

      It's not the problem Dschibait.
      Just why the top players can attack news players ?

      So "AZ16" is useless .

      And you should review the small AZ : 0 - 100 000 Points : 12 AZ

      [Blocked Image: https://img.webme.com/pic/a/alienharvestor/Fleetmanagement8.png]
      So those above rules if you live by them you won't have a problem with top player's taking out your fleets. There isn't a problem with the AZ. It's more of a problem of slack fleet Management.My answer yes I hope they do implement the change. Those that like SI will endure any change and implementations that may happen.

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    • Why all these farms coming out to dominate the discussion? (Both German and English threads.) This is a war strategy game. If you can't, then don't! If SI dies because all the weak whimpering farms leave, then so be it.

      But keeping SI alive to feed farmerama? Then SI will die fast!

      If the team do a survey that asks "Do you want to implement the changes?" and the choices are yes/no - we will see how many farmerama there are here with the "no" vote. Maybe time is up.

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