The 2020 Party!

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    • The 2020 Party!

      Hello Spacepilot!

      We wish you the best start into the new year 2020!

      Of course, we would like to celebrate this with the SI community - therefore there are the following bonuses for December 31st and January 1st:
      • get 10 free transmitter games on top of the daily one!
      • get a 4-fold yield from the int. Transmitter (Dark Gate 2-fold)
      • very large rubblefields can appear in the universe at any time - look out!

      We have also made changes to the daily free play on the interdimensional transmitter. You will no longer receive it at midnight, but as soon as you enter the game for the first time a day. We have already prepared all measures for upcoming daily login bonuses.
      You can already get more IDT free spins if you log in continuously. Every 3 days you get another free spin up to a maximum of 3.
      This means that on the seventh day in a row, you can get 3 free spins (instead of one before) every day!

      The following changes also apply:
      • Free spins from events are now added to the received value
      • You will also receive free spins even if you have them in your account in stock or you are in vacation mode.
        • only up to 30 free spins can be stored in the account. You will see a warning if you have reached the limit.
        • it is planned, that if you are in vacation mode, to provide no other daily bonuses!
      • The additional daily free spin for SI2 players (who have more than 50% of the points of the first place) is removed.

      Have fun and may 2020 be with you!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion team