cease fire

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    • Hello

      there was to be a truce on December 24 !!

      but the truce to begin on December 23 at 23:40 why ???

      I had to take castles but the truce has started rather than what you had announced, so I was not able to take castles to an enemy I am not happy


    • The Christmas-truce starts always on an unannounced time. This is to prevent attacking players planning the taking of castles just before the truce and thus prevent the defending player from reclaiming the castles right away. By not announcing the time you can get lucky as attacker or as defender, what is a fairer way to start the truce.

      So it also possible that the truce will start or stop a few hours before or after the announced day.
    • then you must announce the date of December 23 is not the date of December 24 !!

      several alliance have planned an attack on a player on December 23 at the end of the day because the truce had to start on December 24 as announce by damoria but the truce started rather than announce by damoria this is not normal, a date must to be respected !!

      The announce you a date of December 24 is that begins on December 23 !! some players had several days of walking to attack their target is it is therefore very disappointed that damoria is not respecting the announced dates

      I think that in the future damoria must respect the rules it imposes otherwise it cannot work because the players must respect the rules but damoria does not respect her own rules on the dates of the truce

      I think all of Damoria's players will agree with me


    • Chemilla wrote:

      planned an attack on a player on December 23 at the end of the day
      And this the exact reason why the start and end of any truce will
      not be published.
      Taking advantage of a published truce is neither fair nor in the
      intention of the operator.
      As a matter of fact, we didn't stated any timezone, so the truce
      started on dec. 24th and will last till dec. 27 - again without any
      stated timezone!
    • Chemilla wrote:

      December 24 must be the same for everyone !! as it was not the case yesterday, only half of our attacks arrived while we were still on December 23

      damoria must improve this for the next truces
      Once again, maybe for you it was still the 23th of December but in other parts of the world it was ALREADY 24th of December.
      So nothing weird happened here.
      All you do is complaining about the fact that you were unable to abuse this cease fire ;)
    • Chemilla wrote:

      December 24 must be the same for everyone !!
      The united nations will not agree to such thing.
      No timezone is superior to another.
      Besides, I don't see any compains from our players
      in the states - for them the truce started even
      So, plan your next attacks landing before the new
      day starts on earth and not in your country.
    • so at the next truce if my attacks arrive 5 hours before the day of truce given by damoria you will tell me that this is still my fault ??? while I respect the day indicated by damoria ???

      I'm not sure I understand the logic of damoria !! I'm not asking for compensation, I'm just asking that the truce starts well on the day given by damoria because all the french players were deceived during this truce, we just wanted damoria to correct this

      French players do not complain because to prevent Damoria from receiving 150 messages from French players we have spokespersons
    • It is nobody's fault. And you can start attacks (if it is still possible) even on the day the truce will start. There is only a change that those attacks will not arrive on the target, but it is not forbidden.

      Damoria is an international game. There are enough players who have changed a time zone to get a more convenient night bonus. It is tried in Damoria to account for players all over the world.

      If it is December 23, at 11 a.m. in France, it has just become December 24 in Samoa, Tonga and the Line Islands . These islands are south of Hawaii and fall in time zone UTC + 14. Baker Island and Howland Island fall into UTC-12 time zone and are the last to have (12 hours after France) December 24. All over the earth, December 24, therefore, does not last 24, but 50 hours (14 + 24 + 12).
      If it says that the truce starts on December 24 then it can be UTC + 14 to UTC-12: In France, the truce will start somewhere between December 23, 11 a.m. and December 25, 12 a.m.

      As said: We will not indicate a special time. We do not want players to use the truce to make it impossible for the defender to recapture a castle. If you plan attacks around the truce you have to accept the risk that your attacks will not arrive and you have the chance that the truce will start later and the defender can still retrieve his castle before the truce starts.
    • I agree with you

      but where I see a problem whatsoever for all players, if I lose a castle on December 23 is that I have to resume it on December 23 around 11:30 pm is that the truce has to start when it is supposed to start only on the 24 there is therefore a problem, the player in question will therefore have an injustice

      do you see where i am coming from ???

      I do not speak for myself because it is not my case but it can happen to any player


      loic S
    • Whatever time the truce starts you will have this problem. That the time of the ceasefire is unknown to any player seems to me the most honest method. It can turn out to be good or bad for both the attacker and the defender.
      If you have another solution you can certainly discuss it in the forum
    • I agree that there should be no fixed time at the start or end of the truce

      I'm just saying that if damoria says that the truce starts on December 24, I don't see why it would start on December 23

      imagine you I lost a castle on December 23 but that I have time to take it back before December 24 but that the truce begins on December 23 instead of December 24, so I cannot take back my castle when Damoria had given a fixed date which has not been respected

      do you see where i am coming from ???

      how damoria would compensate me ??? this is complicated

      is why the truce must start well the day to announce is not the day before there is therefore a small adjustment to make, France was in truce 30 min before December 24, I think that other countries have the same problem but considering the few players on damoria plus the few active players plus the few players who make war this is normal as there are very few players who complain


    • I understand very well what you say !!

      we are not all in the same time zone

      it is therefore enough to start the truce later to be sure that no country is penalized for example if the truce would have started on December 24 around 5 am or 9 am I think that no country was still on December 23

      do you understand what i mean

      this is a very small modification to do but this is very costly for a player who is attacking

      for the truce of December 24 this protected the twinny player who was going to lose a lot of castles but since the truce to start on December 23 this protect it is to cancel all our attacks so there was an injustice for the attackers is a favoritism for the defender, we do not ask for compensation or anything fair to watch that the truce will fall in all countries on the day indicated by damoria
    • Loic,

      You keep missing the point...
      If they would do what you want, this means that the timeframe for the attack protection is reduced to about 12 hours at max. This means a much HIGHER predictable timeframe to time your attacks as an attacker.
      Now with the 36 hours time frame (approximatly) it is a lot less predictable and can turn into everyone's advantage.

      The last option they have is to NOT announce a peace time and just do when they think it is necessairy, would that be better to you or would you still feel 'unjustified'? ;)

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    • Ah, at least, there it is

      Chemilla wrote:

      the truce of December 24 this protected the twinny player
      You are not complaining about the truce or the unclear starting
      time, you are mad about the fact, that you was striped of the
      possibility to abuse it - to get an advantage.
      Well, in that case we did absolutly the right thing.

      To clearify any coming truce once and for all:
      the truce will start at any time when the
      announced date started on earth and will
      end at any time, when the stated date on
      earth is over (+/- a cöuple of hours).

      Good luck next time, when trying to take advantage.
    • I do not know all the time zones of the world but I think that there must be a time zone which allows that each country on earth is on December 24 without that some is the 23 or the other on the 25 am I wrong? ??

      if this is correct then you just need to calculate it once to see how many hours there are or all the countries are at the same time on the same day then this allows you to choose a different break time each time in the number of hours that there is in common for everyone

      like that nobody was when the truce begins or ends is like this everyone has the beginning or the end of truce in the period indicate by damoria

      like this no player can complain about not having a few castles when in his country the truce had already started or the opposite

      I'm just looking for equity for all of Damoria's players !!

      now if my proposals are there to annoy damoria then i would make more proposals. because I’ve already made lots of suggestions for improvements or bugs that have been listened to so far.


      loic S
    • Did you read the arguments from 0815 ?

      Also a SPECIFIC time (there is a 1minute frame where anything in on the same day ... you have 12 zones to the right (+) from london and 12 zones (-) left from london) - this is called GMT (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwich_Mean_Time)
      Any Dates which we bring here up is in german time - which means CET (central european time) which is GMT+1 (or GMT+2 for summer time)

      But you ignore the argument that a SPECIFIG TIME can be abused from players.
      So i think its ok to have a +/- 6hour radius where the truce can be started.

    • your answer is much clearer than that of 0815

      now I understand the time zone better is the problem that we have them in France on December 23, I will be able to transmit this answer

      is as I said I fully agree that there should be no fixed start or end time for the truce