Christmas Time at Damoria

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    • Christmas Time at Damoria

      Hello Damorians!

      The "Black Friday" is near and also the first Advent is already this week Sunday!
      Today, We want to introduce you to the Christmas event in Damoria. We have again incorporated many things from old events, but have also come up with something new for you. We hope you enjoy the next weeks!

      What's on Black Friday?
      On Black Friday you get a 20% discount on all gold packages in the shop! Of course you can also wait for the Christmas action!

      From all transactions made on Black Friday, we will draw 3 at random. These 3 players (you can also win multiple times) will each receive 500 mage free spells and a storage fill in their stock!

      What is planned for the Christmas season?
      From Sunday the 1st of December you will receive in the shop (for gold packages) extra mage spells, buildfields and storage fillings!

      10 € Package: +3 mage free spells
      24,99 € Package: +20 mage free spells
      49,99 € Package :: +50 mage free spells
      69,99 € Package: +100 mage free spells, +1 buildfield (normal castle)
      99.99 € Package: +200 mage free spells, +1 storage filling, +2 buildfields (normal castle)
      149,99 € package: +300 mage free spells, +2 storage fillings +3 buildfields (normal castle)

      From all purchases during this Christmas period, we draw 10 transactions (in January) - these players receive an additional 5,000 global gold! (it is possible that a player can win several times)

      The Damoria Christmas event!

      We invite you to collect "gifts" in Damoria from December 1st to (include) January 7th! You can exchange gifts for great bonuses. But that was not all

      The Damoria Christmas Calendar!
      Starting 1st of December to the 24th of December you can open a door every day. Behind this are great bonuses, mage free spells and resources.
      If you open a door too late: you will not receive a bonus - there are only a few resources left - so check it out every day!

      Collecting gifts!
      You can receive gifts through various ways in the game. These can be exchanged for bonuses to upgrade your production, extra master slots and a new feature, the "Secret Chamber". Here we want to explain to you, how you can receive gifts and what the various bonuses are.

      Gifts can be obtained by:
      • opening of the daily door on the calendar
      • by attacks on bandits camps with min. 100,000 units
      • you can find gifts on our Damoria pages - so play Damoria! :)
      • (new) by the "Elf workshop"
      • by activating the mage

      What is this "Elf Workshop"?
      You can build the new Elf workshop building in all your castles. At level 10, you can collect the packed gifts from your workshop on the Gift Event page. You can do this again every 10 hours!
      The amount of gifts which you received depends on the level of the workshop.
      • until level 79: for each 10 levels you will receive 1 gift (eg level 25 => 2, level 79 => 7)
      • From level 80 you will receive more gifts per level
        • Level 80-89 => 10 gifts
        • Level 90-99 => 15 gifts
        • Level 100: 25 gifts
          • only at level 100: You also have a chance to receive extra gifts. You can get up to 25 gifts in this way!
        • Intermediate stages, eg. Level 24 will allow you to upgrade to the next reward-level at a random rate of 10% per intermediate level. At level 24, you have a 40% chance of getting 3 presents (and not only 2)!

      Please note: the elf workshop will be removed after the event. So build the building back in time if you want to save these resources.

      What is "the secret chamber"?
      You can earn extra space for your treasury during the Christmas event. Gifts allow you to unlock 1% more treasure space (up to a maximum of 50%!).
      This storage space is only valid up to a maximum of 1,255,943 for rubies and emeralds. Only diamonds can get a higher storage space!
      So now, you have the opportunity to store more diamonds to heal more of your troops!

      This extra space will remain active until the end of next easter event. This feature will be a new exclusive event feature. So you can only get these upgrades from big "main events".
      Main events are:
      • Christmas in December
      • Easter in March / April
      • Summer party in July / August
      Your active bonus will therefore remain until the end of the Easter event next year. After the Easter event, the Christmas bonus is reset and your earned Easter bonus comes into place.
      Please note: If you receive a lower Easter bonus, gems that have been stored above the maximum storage space will destroyed!

      In addition to the 50% (you can exchange with gifts), you have the opportunity in the shop to activate an addition +50% treasure chamber space mini package (once). This MIni package also runs until and including the next Easter event and can be purchased there again.

      The alliance upgrade!
      The bandits are true Christmas Grinches! Let's show them where the mistletoes hang - attack bandit camps with a minimum of 100,000 units and get (in addition to the gifts) also an alliance wide resource upgrade!
      For every 1,000 attacks made by you and your alliance members, you will receive up to 100% increased base production! This bonus is always reset at 8pm.

      The mage girl
      From 1st of December, we will increase the yield from mage spells for the Christmas season. At the same time, it is now possible to win a gold castle with a higher chance! (1300 fields and all resource stars). You can choose where to place this!

      Exclusively on the 6th of December and on the 24th of December you can also use the mage in Baldur (Gold), Ice or Halloween castles!

      And finally!

      We still have some updates and changes for you:
      • Fixed bugs that caused a wrong calculation (ignoring) of the starter bonuses or the capitulation bonus
      • Fixed an issue where the troop queue was not filled correctly
      • Display errors have been resolved at various pages
      • Optimizations have been made so that some pages will now load faster
      • Changes have been made to the main menu (left menu)
        • You now see the percentage of your storage fillings with a discreet background color indicator
        • the menu has been cleaned up a bit and "messages" and "reports" are now displayed in the header area.
        • the language selection and worlds selection is now moved over your avatar
      • From January 1, 2020, the following update will take effect:
        • If a player is not logged into the game for more than 7 days, their production will be reduced to 50%
        • if a player is not logged into the game for more than 30 days, their production will be reduced to 0%
        • the reduction only affects the base production. This means that if you have bonuses active and have (for example) +50% resource production active, you would only have the 50% of the base production (the bonus) active after 30 days instead of 100% base production +50% bonus.
        • a login via the vacation support tool isn’t a valid “active” login!

      We hope to bring a lot of excitement and fun to your Damoria castles with this event! The entire Damoria team wishes you a lot of fun and a happy pre Christmas time!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team
    • New

      Here are the results for the raffles in these events:

      Winners of Black-Friday Raffle:

      Following Players get 500 free Mage-Spells and 1 storage filling:
      531135330481473536 (Welt 2): EARL
      531150319414019072 (Welt 1): Jendrzej
      617589330541676544 (Welt 2): Conte de Mont Mirail

      Winners of "Xmas"-Raffle:

      Following Players get 5000 global Gold:
      531158788057472000 (Welt 1): mekur723
      531152853234754560 (Welt 1): Chipsy
      531471234056193024 (Welt 1): Vahanara
      531342133521679360 (Welt 1): Tornatius812
      531195707592155136 (Welt 1): DasBo
      531917550078797824 (Welt 1): OSTRY
      531131726718701568 (Welt 1): Obi-Wan315
      562582096728700928 (Welt 1): Dengalor
      531143278414924800 (Welt 1): Scrat
      533559572447500288 (Welt 2): Kackepeter

      These prizes are already payed out to you.
      Congratulations to the winners!

      best regards
      Your Damoria Team