Event Universe - DarkGate

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    • Event Universe - DarkGate

      Hello Space Pilots!

      There is a new adventure up and comming - a new “Dark-Gate” universe!

      Dark Gate Universe Overview:

      Start: 22nd November 19h (CET)
      End: March 29, 2020 (11:59 pm CET)
      Speed: 10x
      Fleet Speed: 5x
      Minimum flight time: 5 minutes

      Changes in this universe:
      • Planets: 8 + 2 purchasable
      • Asteroid: maximum 2
      • Galaxies: 4, each with 200 systems
      • Planets per system: maximum 3
      • Building upgrades are available
      • Fog of war is activated
      • Urplasma research will be available with drastically reduced runtimes
      • The interdimensional transmitter will be available from the 13th of December
      • Some form Christmas event will also take place

      Subsequent transfer:
      It is possible to transfer the Dark Gate with an account that is completely in RETRO or Nexus Universe.
      Alternatively it is possible to transfer 20% of the Spice value to your own Nexus or RETRO account. Here after the transfer in the target universe a transfer Spice account with 20% of the account Spice value will be available. From this Spice account you can withdraw a maximum of 250 million spice per day.

      Overall ranking place 1-3 win 3000 UP
      Overall ranking place 3-6 win 2000 UP
      Overall ranking place 7-10 win 1000 UP

      We wish you a lot of fun in the Dark Gate!

      Best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team