Zombies are coming!

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    • Zombies are coming!

      Hello Damorians!

      bad news - it seems like a kind of plague broke out among the bandits! For reasons we don't know yet, all bandits turn into zombies!
      We have to take action against this, otherwise your inhabitants will be infected!

      From Friday 25th of October to the 3rd of November the zombie-hunt will start every day at 8pm (CEST / CET)!
      Your alliance must attack the bandit camps with min. 100,000 units! The more often you fight them, you get an increase in your resource production. The maximum of successful attacks is 1,000 which equates to a 100% resource bonus.
      The bonus is active until the next zombie hunt!

      In addition, each player receives a free upgrade to a Halloween Castle if they complete 1,000 successful attacks (at least 100,000 units) on zombie camps during the event period.

      In the shop you get 10% extra gold and for each 100€ and 150€ package there is also a storage filling for a neighboring castle!

      We wish you good luck, in the fight, against the zombies!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team