Halloween 2019

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    • Halloween 2019

      Hello Spacepilots!

      The spooky time begins and also at SpaceInvasion!
      Receive trick or treat from October 25 through November 10:
      • through the daily login
      • through the Pumpkin-O-Mat
      • through the mission flight "spooky flight" on pumpkin planets. You can fly up to 100 pumpkin planets to get something tricks or treat!
        • Do more spooky flights to get a chance to get 1 trick or treat!
      • receive treat through the construction of certain ships and defense units
      • by attacking opponents to steal up to 10% of their treat
        • Max. 5 attacks per day
        • it must a unit to be destroyed in combat (whether attacker or defender)
        • (new!) You can only steal 2 treats per ship. We want to stop flights where only one ship is sent. For larger quantities you have to send more ships now!
        • but the opponent will receive some tricks for these attacks
      • by using the Interdimensional Transmitter, you get both tricks or treat

      You can trade tricks as well as treat for great bonuses!
      A follow-up time to spend the tricks or treat is not planned!

      Also to get! A planet move - which everyone receives who flight (in the period) a minimum of 1,200 successful spooky flights! Only the 100 daily spooky flights count as successful, but not the additional ones afterwards!

      In addition, the following bonuses are also available in the universes:
      • Every 4 hours in the universe, small rubblefields appear on many planets
      • Get 5 free spins every day on the Interdimensional Transmitter (instead of the one)
      • get 3 times the yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter
      • get a 10% discount on everything in the shop!

      Enjoy the spooky time!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team
    • Hello Space Pilots!

      Unfortunately in SI2 there was a problem with the 3-fold yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter.

      We have just booked a free spin for each player for each used (in the event time) free or paid transmitter use.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a lot of fun in space!

      Best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team