bonus disappearances

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    • bonus disappearances


      this morning i find i lost all my bonuses on eu1 and eu2

      I do not have more

      land to build on secondary
      land to build on the baldurs
      I am no longer star resources
      I am not much of transformations of secondary in baldurs
      I am no longer holy city

      I think this and a general problem

      here is my ID

      eu1 ID 187
      eu2 ID 2811


    • Did you check it at any castle?
      Just to remind:
      not any feature is available at
      every castle.
      For example:
      building plots on a baldurs can only
      been activated in baldur castle - so
      it is not shown at the page of any
      "normal" castle.
      And if you reached the maximum
      in that particular castle, it also will
      not been listed.
    • I'm talking about the bonuses that I could use in any castle or baldurs, the bonuses that I had to buy or win during the old event or with the mages, the bonuses were:

      land to build in a natural castles of your choice
      land to build in a baldurs of your choice
      the change of a normal castle in baldurs
      the transformations of a castle in a holy city

      this morning everything is gone and nothing came back

      I do not think I'm the only player to have this problem but not everyone checks his bonus every day, I saw the problem this morning because I wanted to use a building plot on a normal castle and I saw that all my bonuses had disappeared

      can fix the problem ???
      can you give me back my lost bonuses ???

      on eu2 this morning with mages I won a star resource but this bonus does not appear in my bonuses


    • Hello,

      I have a bonus bug

      I still had a star resource to place and she disappeared and I got an upgrade from Castle Gold's normal castle, which also disappeared at the end of the contest.
      Where does the problem come from?

      Thank you


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