The Wall - Problems and Bugfixes

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    • The Wall - Problems and Bugfixes

      Hello Damorians!

      We have just published new adjustments and bugfixes for the Wall.
      Again, we checked the wall based on your reports and found that, among other things, the structure research was not included in the combat script. (in former times it was also not included)

      The following changes are online now:
      • the structure points of your wall and your buildings have now risen correctly to the value of structure research. We have reduced the base value to set the previous value (until now) as the new maximum value. In other words, you will not notice any changes in wall and building structure unless you have level 20 structure researched.
      • We have made adjustments to the wall strength. Furthermore, more milestones have been added that the jump of wall (level) strength is not so noticeable.
      • several bugs have been fixed in the simulator, which led to other values (and not the use of structural research) of the wall.
      • Fixed an issue where the ram strength was calculated incorrectly. This bug comes from earlier times.
      • The wall strength calculation had an error that led to strong wall strength on World 2.

      We would ask you to observe these changes critically and if you have any problems, please contact us here in the forum or via the support ticket.

      best regards
      Your Damoria team