Planet Resource Restriction Amounts / Time Limit Protection At Start/ Re-Look At a New Battle Equation

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    • Planet Resource Restriction Amounts / Time Limit Protection At Start/ Re-Look At a New Battle Equation

      This suggestion is more for future Uni Servers.

      When the planet is colonised the system should generate amounts of each resource that can be mined on that planet. Once depleted that planet runs out of resource's. Making the player have to relocate to mine another planet.But to insure that there are all ways resources available. The planets when re colonised generates new amounts of resource's. This would add a new element of re colonisation of planets to obtain more resource base. You would find that player's would use a certain amount of planets for mining while obtaining some for military operations and production of fleet.

      You could also add minor asteroid rocks that appear at co-ords in the solar systems for a certain amount of time which then can be mined by recycle's. Once depleted they disappear or the time runs out and they disappear. Set to randomly appear throughout the Galaxies.Having the system in place to insure that they are limited to a certain amount through the entire Uni.

      This was thought of because the explosion of so much res in the Uni's have taken away the strategy of having to think of what to spend you resource's on. As SI use to be a game of more then just massive fleets. You use to have to really think what you would build in the way of infrastructure. With the overkill of res has kind of taken it away.

      This would also make the construction assistant more a viable asset through the entire length of a server running.

      Time Limit Protection At Start.

      Rather then the 10K point limit to attack and be attacked. Give a time limit of protection. This can be broken by the player before the time is up by attacking another hostile player as long as it is a completed attack to where a battle takes place.

      We could possibly revisit the idea of a new battlescript : By adding in a agility factor for each type of ship.

      (Total offensive power/ab X defensive agility )+ X = (Total defensive power/ ab X Offensive agility) +X

      X is the variable factor between 0 and 50

      Ab is the average ship agility

      So 4 different ships with different abilities in agility you take and total them then divide by number of ship types

      Offense is / defensive agility

      Defense is / offense agility

      battle number:

      Ab of the offense is 4 and ab of defense is -3

      So total offensive power is (1000000/4 x-3)+X = ( 1500000/-3 × 4) +X

      So multiplication of integer comes 1st

      Both are -12

      But in division integers must be positive

      integers are A positive or negative factor

      TBPO = total battle power offense
      TBPD = total battle power defense

      TBPO and TBPD is total power of all ships offensive or defensive

      But ab is the average of ship offensive or defensive respectively

      So a combined fleet of BB,Nixie,Ftr verse a defensive fleet of just ftr

      So combined offensive is 20+15+-8= +27

      Defensive is -8

      So the ftr offensive negates the defensive ftr

      So defensive is 35 where offensive it is 19

      (1000000/19) + X = (1500000/35) + X

      will need to give each ship type a agility factor base number

      We will be wanting agility factors between +/- 100 for the different ships

      solar cell in orbit because it is not movable so would receive a agility factor 0
      A probe is bigger and moves so an agility of -35

      Having agility in the battle comp you have ships no longer thought usable making a use of them
      Most want nixie, mitter and BS in battle
      But a miter is a transport so not as agile
      They have an agility of 35
      Worse then a BS

      A warship has a. Agility of -5
      Small transport is slow ... and a large transport is slower but bigger
      But remember this is only fleet combat

      Any Defenses add to power but not agility

      For a better flowing equation let's look at it like this

      First we need the system to workout the AP of the Defensive fleet and the Offensive fleet
      AP stands for Average Fleet Power
      AP is average power of the fleet × number of ships either offensive or defensive

      Then the system needs to workout the DAB and OAB
      DAB=average size of fleet/average agility defensive fleet
      OAB= average size of fleet/average agility offensive fleet

      So that then the system can workout the TDP and TPO
      TPD stands for Total Power Defensive
      TPO stands for Total Power Offensive

      To the end resulting battle equation

      UNI's Played :-

      Alliance for all Uni's :- Soldiers of the Space [SotS]

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