Summer Pirates

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    • Summer Pirates

      Hello Space Pilots!

      This heeeeeeeeeaaaaaat! Phew - that's what our pirates are thinking too!
      From tomorrow, Friday, June 28th through July 7th, you can hunt pirate treasures in our universe!
      This time, you will recognize these pirates by their favorite hobby, because they want to cool down too - the beach ball!

      Every day you can collect 25 beach balls - so get up to 25 treasure chests!
      you can find in this chests a bunch of gold - and also resources, assistants or Urplasma.
      You can exchange the gold again for great bonuses in our Gold Shop.

      At the same time you also collect beach balls for your alliance. For every 5 balls, you will receive 5 Alliance Mentor Stars up to a maximum of 250. Only 10 members are necessary to collect the full 250 mentor stars.
      There is no restriction to the join date of members. As long as a player can still collect beach balls, they will also count for your alliance!

      Furthermore, the following bonuses are activated:
      • In the universe - small (but more) rubblefields will appear
      • the engineer will be available to you for free
      • get 3 times the yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter

      We wish you a lot of fun - hope that the air conditions in your ships does not fail!

      Best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team