Not enough players

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    • Not enough players


      I just came back to play this game after years.
      When i was a player a few years ago we had uni1 and uni2. and both were packed with players.
      many incactives to farm when you small, and many targets for all size of players.
      I understand this is not Bigpoint management anymore, but i would like to know if the new owners doing any marketing to get more people to play this game? Digital marketing is what i do, and i think with a very low budget you can get many people to join the game.
      I will be glad to help with that if you want for free. i just really want more people to make the game much more interesting.

    • We have marketing budgets but i think i dont call numbers in that thread here.
      We had many tries on fb marketing as well as banner, campaigns on german, spain, frensh, polnish and also russian partners. Our marketing partner (exmox is a good way to achieve new players.

      So, if you are a member of a marketing agency you can write me here on board or on our support page - finally if you are a free worker without any partner - only with a basement of what we should do - we know that :) but we didn't want to have too cheap marketing at all - cheap email marketing can costs you reputation at all.