Starter-Bonus and re-building boni

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    • Starter-Bonus and re-building boni

      Hello Damorians!

      we got a lot of feedback since yesterday. Unfortunately, many players have not felt well about the fact that we want to minimize losses for capitulating players. At this point we would like to say once again that we have made this decision in the will that Damoria should continue for a very long time.
      Today we have sit together the whole day and decided that we also wanted to compensate the non-capitulating players who also have many losses in troops.
      And in addition, we have integrated a first version of our newbie system.

      The following changes have just been activated:
      • Players will only receive the 2x Troops Production Bonus if they have logged in the past 24 hours
      • A new troop-time bonus has been added. This allows to reduce the time required to produce a unit - so to get more units in a given period of time. This value is applied after the time reduction by premium and mini packages.
      • Players now receive a Troops Production Bonus based on their losses. The losses are calculated from the maximum achieved troop score to the current troop value.
        • for every 10% losses you will receive a troop construction bonus of 5% (max 45%). This causes you to be able to produce up to 45% more troops in the same amount of time.
        • In the left menu you will see a bar showing you the exact losses and indicating your bonus.
        • This bonus is active only 24 hours after your login - a daily login is therefore necessary to keep the bonus active!

      And our new speed-up bonuses, for quick entry or rebuilding!
      • get a Troop Bonus! A new average of the troop score values of the top 50 players on our world is calculated. If you are under certain limits, you will receive a bonus that allows you to recruit faster troops.
        • less than 25% of points: + 10% more troops
        • less than 10% of points: + 20% more troops
        • less than 5% of points: + 30% more troops
      • get a resource bonus! If you are below certain limits of the average of the top 50 in the world (with your building points), you will receive a bonus on your resource production!
        • less than 10% of points: + 10% resource production
        • less than 5% of the points: + 20% resource production
        • less than 2.5% of points: + 30% resource production
        • less than 1% of points: + 50% resource production
        • less than 0.25% of points: + 100% resource production

      With these changes, we also hope to compensate for losses of players who do not want or can not switch to capitulation mode.

      We look forward to your feedback and opinions!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team