bug or not ..?

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    • bug or not ..?

      hello gentlemen G O

      it would be necessary to make a small tutorial or to give a small explanation for the productions mentoring because I do not find at all the same figures which are affcher on "economy"

      so I would like to know how this is calculated

      thank you

      I give you an example :
      on one of my planet I have a normal production of
      Production per hour: 274,471 ==> 274,471 / 3600 = 76.24 iron at the second

      Normal-Produktion 344.609
      + Allianz-Bonus 50% 172.304
      Gesamt-Produktion 516.914 ==> 516.914 / 3600 = 144 iron at the second so I should have this

      my resources on my planet at 14 h 11 mm01 S 19.874.304 iron
      my resources on my planet at 15 h 11 mm01 S 20.288.375
      my resources on my planet at 16 h 11 mm01 S 20.700.156 difference = 825.852 for 2 hours 412.926 for 1 h so 114,7 per seconde

      it's not 516.914 per hours so where do we find the difference .. ?? lost ..??!!!!

      and could you explain to me why a difference between Production per hour: 274,471 and Normale-Produktion 344,609


      PS : I would post around 8 pm my new production for 6 hours so we'll see if it moves or not
    • [Blocked Image: https://postimg.cc/4mqMmPhb]

      Planet: 02:159:07
      Nickname: Spire21_1
      ID: 96218

      Hello, I'm a member of the same alliance (H-S) in the Retro Univers.

      Rather than words I have a screenshot of our little trouble..

      May you explain us why there is a difference between the "production per hour" line and the "Normale-produktion" line ?


    • 'Normale-Production' is your pig iron output without considering the blast furnace intake, but without the alliance bonus. At your pig iron mine level thats 100.520. On top of that you get 50% alliance bonus to a total of 150.780. That is the sum of basic income (30), pig iron mine output and mining technology bonus (as seen in the economy overview above, which already contains the alliance bonus). From this the blast furnace removes 88.264 pig iron to produce 44.132 metal. You can see the pattern when you compare the upper part with the lower part for metal, kryptonite or spice. It is unfortunate that the pig iron line below does not contain a hint to the metal production intake (or the spice line the thermosolar plant).

      Short version: the production per hour/production per day lines already include the alliance bonus.
    • I'm sorry bad eagle but here I can follow you
      you say "we must take into account the production of cast iron without the absorption of the high-gas stove" "oki so if we follow your reasoning
      it's 130.014 and not 100.520 +30 per hour = 130.044
      and there you add the 50% in the logic either

      130.044 * 50% = 65.022
      130.044 + 65.022 = 195.066
      and for gesamt production we are at 150.780 so a difference of 44.286 less
    • Nope, you must not add the 50% twice. I told you the upper panel already has the bonus included.

      Please look at your economy view. In the upper part you have
      30 basic income
      130.014 mine production
      20.736 tech bonus
      150.780 total.

      Now lets look at the lower part. Without alliance bonus you can expect
      30 basic income
      79.754 mine production (iron mine lvl 33)
      20.736 tech bonus
      100.520 sum
      50.260 alliance bonus
      150.780 total.

      Match. Nothing missing. Please observe the numbers for metal, kryptonite and spice, which tell you the same thing.
      Now remove 88.264 pig iron for 44.132 metal production and you are left with 62.516 pig iron.
      You get 62.517, you are 1 pig iron/hour ahead.

      Oh, I see a problem. The upper panel shows the tech bonus for the normal production and just alters the mine production to match. Sneaky. Nevertheless, the total is correct.
      So, actually, you did find a bug, or at least a questionable visualization. It just doesn't affect the result.

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    • so okay bald eagle i will go in your direction
      but then the devellopement team should not automatically put the 50% on the normal productions but just below it like that, it would be more readable for everyone

      so someone who produces 100,000 F per hour
      - 30,000 for the metal
      + 55,000 for tech
      that makes 125.000 F in NORMAL production
      and below you put 125.000+ the 50% - the 50% of the metal and there you find
      100,000 + 50% = 150,000
      30,000 + 50% = - 45,000
      55,000 + 50% = +82,500
      result = 187.500 F

      I would agree! at least the numbers speak

      and there, it would be clear and everyone would understand the figures

    • i think that the numers are not the problem; maybe the declaration of the numbers - but at all, a base production is the basic production of that resource without bonuses.
      That metall uses pig iron and also thermo uses spice is known from any spaceinvasion player after 10mins.
      This overview (below the raw numbers) should only list your bonuses - and shouldnt be explain the above table again...

      so basic production is the production + technology
      + multiproduction values
      => midd sum, because next 2 will base on this
      + alliance stuff
      + buildings upgrades
      => final production (used in above scenario)

      so the fact is that you havn't our new multiproduction stuff enabled, that you also see your multi values here. Thats why you are confused about this.
    • space wrote:

      so okay bald eagle i will go in your direction
      I'm not defending the view, I just try to explain that the numbers you see are correct and your actual production.
      Actually we are just in a transition phase. Previously the production overview didn't list the bonuses at all, you had to do math yourself. This is now changing and things are still shaking themselves out (my production overview still lists a normal and total production of 0, which, thankfully is *not* true. I'm confident that this will be corrected soon, and maybe the lists will be made more comprehensive still...).