Multi account permissions and potentials

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    • Multi account permissions and potentials

      I understand that it is now possible to play in multiple universes at the same time, and each universe can be a new tab (or a new window) in your browser all at the same time. In my experience, this works really well, but has some drawbacks.

      I also believe it is allowed to have multiple accounts. Am I correct? I realise that this multi account scenario is only possible when the accounts do not play in the same universe - that is clearly against the rules.

      The reason I think it is allowed is because on the Bitmeup page there is a drop down box next to "Account" that has only my "Fodsey" account available at the moment, so presumably, I could create more accounts for the game and for the board. I already use name changes in game for some new universes for various reasons, but I can see areas where a totally new account would be better than just a name change.

      So, can this multiple account (if my point above is correct about being allowed) scenario work on the same computer at the same time? In other words, for example - can I log in with my Fodsey account to Sirius, then create a totally different account (let's call it "Hotmess") to play Retro? And can the Sirius "Fodsey" account and Retro "Hotmess" account be played simultaneously on one computer?
    • yes this is possible.
      Create a new account on the spaceinvasion start page (drop down menu near "Hello Playername")
      With this second acount, you can play different universes as with your main / first account.

      Be aware: this 2 accounts didn't use the same urplasma amount / values... so you have do buy urplasma again if you want to do this. But so, you can go for different names in differnt universes.
      With the bitmeup sidebar (left side in game) you can switch between your spaceinvasion universes (same account as well as other bitmeup connecteded spaceinvasion accounts) - and also your damoria and mebula accounts.

      btw: you can't create multiple board accounts without creating fresh (new) bitmeup accounts.

    • Thank you very much for the answer! One thing that has made me consider this, is when there are bonus codes.

      Claiming the bonus code while in Nexus for example, means that I cannot claim the same code for my Retro account. But if other universes were on different accounts, then I presume I would be able to claim the code for each universe.

      Or is there a way to claim the bonus codes in different universes now that I am not aware of?
    • with this splitted account structure you could use bonus codes in multiple universes;
      At this moment its also possible to do our ingame votings in different universes and to get bonuses multiple times from these.

      For Votings: we want to change this, that your vote is counted first time, and the other votes are not counted, you only get the reward in that unvierse. Maybe you have only a button "get reward" or we will automaticly book them everywhere.

      For Bonus Codes this isn't possible. A Bonus-Code can only be redem one time from one player. But at all, if you play with a second account, you have also to buy urplasma there; We try to make this system like it is for these players who play with multiple accounts (not multi accounts in universe - only to say that :)) before the bitmeup network comes up.

      Only to say this - for the next featues we already planned here, its not important how your structure is. Like for the quest system; you have a bits-currency-value in your account where any connected spaceinvasion/damoria or mebula account can get bonuses. Quests are seperated by universe / world / realm and not for account - so if you want to play nexus, you can do quests there - if you start playing nexus with a second account, you didn't will get quests there at all.

    • Thank you for the explanation. I'm not sure if there is a real benefit to getting bonus codes in each universe, the recent one is only 10 spins and 20 urplasma. So I'm not going to delete an account and start a universe again just to try and get that... so for now I will just think about it.

      Thanks for explaining!

      Edit - That should say 10 urplasma...

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