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    • so yes if there is an event like haloween everyone should participate!

      so if damoria makes the easter eggs the player who capitulated did not have the right no longer if I'm your reasoning ???

      for me all players should have the right to the damoria bonus otherwise there is an injustice
    • You have the right to take part in everything as long as it is not military...
      The consequence of capitulation is no military actions.
      But seems like there can be no reasoning again.

      This was not a problem when our players capitulated but when you decide it, it should be changed?
      you KNEW before you capitulated that you could no longer do ANY military actions.
      So you have to bear the consequences.
    • Chemilla wrote:

      Así que sí, si hay un evento como Haloween, todos debemos participar.
      Al aire libre
      Al aire libre
      Entonces, si Damoria tiene los huevos de Pascua, el jugador que capituló y no tiene derecho si soy tu razonamiento.
      Al aire libre
      Al aire libre
      para mí, todos los jugadores deben tener derecho a la bonificación de damoria, de lo contrario hay una injusticia
      unbefore you capitulate you thought the same ???Some disadvantage has to have the fact of capitulate. You knew the rules and I do not see it fair that rules are changed at the whim of a player. The Russian players did not have that option or protection for the military points and some players attacked them until they almost disappeared. to have thought better
    • yes I think everyone has the right to attack the bandit camps

      yes the Russian players were exterminating 90% damoria because he had destroyed the game with all the troop bonuses that he had used (I was destroyed 2 times completely but I rebuilt and I avenge myself !!

      yes I think capitulations 6 months and too long and the players who surrender should have the right to attack the bandit camps, I think 3 months of capitulations it would be quite long, 6 months I'm afraid that the players fall asleep and leave the game

      yes I do not agree with all the rules of damoria was why I try to find or modified new rules

      you should help me instead of criticizing every time I propose something because I'm trying to advance the game but I see you do not want to do it but just criticize it

      I had to create interesting conversations for everyone because for the moment there are only 4 players in damoria who have capitulated but in the months to come there will be many more players and therefore my proposals and I think interesting
    • pairsn wrote:

      @vanmorris: it is really not fair that you cant participate in an global event just because you have capitulated, your ally members should have the opurtunity too to be part of that
      That should be nice, but I've missed already 2 global events, and my capitulation wil be over soon, so changing the rules now, is'nt fair at all. we all knew the rules. and 6 months is not that long.