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      Hall of fame

      Today in the hall of fame I have seen a report of an attack of mine to a gray castle, of the month of January that I have not posted on this page and I am not happy about it. I do not dispute whether this option is good or not, but I think it is not right that anyone can post a report, I think the only ones who should be able to post reports here are the attackers and the defenders and not a third party that has a support like in my case I have attacked a gray and that report is from my private domain and not from a third party, in this case if my attack were against another active player, I consider that this one could put a report, so I am quite angry with this, is giving information that I understand is private and exclusive.

      please fix this, it is not good that this is done so, the attacker and the attacked are the only ones who can put reports.