Hello June Event!

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    • Hello June Event!

      Hello Space Pilots!

      Starting Thursday - 30th of May until Sunday 2nd of June our Pirate-Event will take place again. Pirates have hidden their treasures in the universe!

      You can find up to 50 chests of gold, resources and assistants every day. You can then exchange the gold for great bonuses!

      also the following bonuses will be come up:
      • rubble fields in space
      • You get 4 fold yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter

      On Top we want to introduce a new feature, which is scheduled to take place on 7th June in Spaceinvasion Classic:

      We have received a lot of feedback that our fleeters likes to get some bonuses for there needs. For a Miner or Hybrid player, of course, a multi-production we offer in almost all events, are welcome very likely.
      Starting there, we also want to offer our Fleeters the opportunity to make a better use of there resources.

      In the weapons factory, we have added a new technology that allows you to build your ships cheaper. This takes a lot more time!
      As of June 7th, all players who have the “tech chief assistant” active can activate the first level of reduction (5% cost reduction). For the next events, you will be able to unlock the following levels in addition.

      Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand of words :)

      Have fun and good luck in space!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team