Summer 2019 at Damoria

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    • Summer 2019 at Damoria

      Hello Damorians!

      Today we want to introduce you to the summer event!
      Starting 30th of May up to 16th of June you can take part again in great Ingame activities.

      Bonus for buying gold:

      700 gold: 30 mage free spells
      1500 Gold: 60 mage free Spells and 2 buildfields for normal castles
      2100 Gold: 100 mage free spells and 4 buildfields (normal castles)
      3200 gold: 150 mage free spells, one storage filling and 5 buildfields (normal castle)
      5200 Gold: 300 mage free spells, 2 storage fillings and 10 buildfields (normal castle)

      Raffle among all gold purchases:

      Among all gold transactions, great prizes will be raffled!
      4x 1,000 gold
      4x 1,000 magician free spells
      4x mage castle conversion
      4x treasure chamber filling
      4x memory filling

      Every transaction can win. All 20 winners will be drawn after the event and will receive the prize in June.

      Great bonuses for the trade master!

      We offer 30% extra discount on the 6 and 12 month package of the trade master in June.
      In addition, our trade masters are fully motivated during the summer months. Therefore the time between the routes is reduced. From Thursday through September, the extra runtime will be reduced from 1 hour to 10 minutes.

      The bandits are back!

      The bandits were also eager for easter eggs over Easter. Now their bearings are well filled with stolen goods.
      From Thursday, the stolen goods will be increased by 5 times. But where more treasures are, so more bandits there are. The bandits have been organizing very well since Easter, so you have to expect 3,000 bandit camps to start on Thursday!

      In order to free Damoria from bandits, bounty for attacks on bandit camps is suspended. The bounty is paid in the form of a raffle among all attacks on the bandit camps. Become a bounty hunter and win great prizes!

      Each attack with a prey of at least 10,000,000 resources or 1,000 gems is eligible for the raffle. As more qualified attacks you make on the bandits in the event period, so higher your chances of winning!

      A player receives:
      • 1,000 gold
      • 1,000 mage free spells
      • 1x upgrade to mage castle
      • 10x storage fillings
      • 1x treasury filling
      • 5 main castle buildfields
      • 25 Baldur buildfields
      • 50 normal castle buildfields

      5 players received:
      • 200 gold
      • 200 mage free spells
      • 1x upgrade to mage castle
      • 1x storage filling
      • 5 Baldur buildfields
      • 10 normal castle buildfields

      10 players receive:
      • 100 mage free spells
      • 1x upgrade to mage castle
      • 1x storage filling

      25 players received:
      • 50 mage spells
      • 1x upgrade to mage castle

      Good luck on the hunt for the bounty!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team
    • Hello Damorians!

      Here are the winners of our gold raffle. All rewards are already payed out to you.

      1.000 Mage free spells:

      - Rammstein
      - MattisonWrc
      - -OSTRY-
      - Chipsy

      1.000 Gold:

      - Medvánek
      - Madha
      - Gant
      - --Ciciabums--

      1 mage castle upgrade:

      - Cohrs#2073
      - EARL
      - Floki
      - repo

      1 full treadury (in stock):

      - RASWIR
      - jojo99293
      - Skymaster
      - LastSamurai

      1 full resource storage (in stock):

      - Elmfire
      - Lufti
      - Zodiac

      We wish you a lot of fun!

      Your Damoria Team
    • here are the winners of our bandit hunters event (all prices are already payed out :))

      P-1 Welt 1 ☆☆Zero Dead☆☆
      P-5 Welt 1 .jaja.
      P-5 Welt 1 Tornatius812
      P-5 Welt 1 vonKlappstuhl
      P-5 Welt 1 The+Barbarian
      P-5 Welt 1 pogoman1969
      P-10 Welt 1 Schrotti
      P-10 Welt 1 -futrtie80-
      P-10 Welt 1 höllenskraft568
      P-10 Welt 1 khab
      P-10 Welt 1 Sealimit
      P-10 Welt 1 JerryFox
      P-10 Welt 1 Battlepig
      P-10 Welt 1 Maik010577211
      P-10 Welt 1 Damorian_3869
      P-10 Welt 1 SKRUDG W1
      P-25 Welt 1 RASWIR
      P-25 Welt 1 EntsafteR
      P-25 Welt 1 -winipuh-
      P-25 Welt 1 peredur
      P-25 Welt 1 seguinloic0164
      P-25 Welt 1 oszukany
      P-25 Welt 1 Pattybulaire
      P-25 Welt 1 vorti
      P-25 Welt 1 Olokun
      P-25 Welt 1 Feuerteufel
      P-25 Welt 1 robi70
      P-25 Welt 1 super01
      P-25 Welt 1 Skymaster
      P-25 Welt 1 Farfernandes
      P-25 Welt 1 -crisu-
      P-25 Welt 1 Zigismondo
      P-25 Welt 1 Schossy
      P-25 Welt 1 Elmfire
      P-25 Welt 1 Andrzej Dragan
      P-25 Welt 1 kaspari
      P-25 Welt 1 juflo
      P-25 Welt 1 --Ciciabums--
      P-25 Welt 1 klaspe
      P-25 Welt 1 Herr der Welten
      P-25 Welt 1 Rammstein

      P-1 Welt 2 EntsafteR
      P-5 Welt 2 Dido
      P-5 Welt 2 schrotti
      P-5 Welt 2 manta
      P-5 Welt 2 Dark Knight
      P-5 Welt 2 Santa Claus
      P-10 Welt 2 popletaW2
      P-10 Welt 2 s01
      P-10 Welt 2 Jojo
      P-10 Welt 2 Damorian_1911
      P-10 Welt 2 konni-w2
      P-10 Welt 2 ОДИН*WOLF
      P-10 Welt 2 Black elephant
      P-10 Welt 2 Damorian_2273
      P-10 Welt 2 Saster
      P-10 Welt 2 -futrtie80-
      P-25 Welt 2 Marfru
      P-25 Welt 2 Medys
      P-25 Welt 2 Excalibur
      P-25 Welt 2 Klaspe
      P-25 Welt 2 EARL
      P-25 Welt 2 DK 7
      P-25 Welt 2 rataplan
      P-25 Welt 2 wanderlay
      P-25 Welt 2 Baron
      P-25 Welt 2 Dibi
      P-25 Welt 2 mitian1967
      P-25 Welt 2 COLL
      P-25 Welt 2 rudy
      P-25 Welt 2 Wanderfalke
      P-25 Welt 2 Damorian_738
      P-25 Welt 2 Taur-nu-Fuin
      P-25 Welt 2 Россия
      P-25 Welt 2 Jocky
      P-25 Welt 2 Goya
      P-25 Welt 2 Black
      P-25 Welt 2 MoOo7A
      P-25 Welt 2 Paolo97
      P-25 Welt 2 Damorian_110
      P-25 Welt 2 FlashBaraka
      P-25 Welt 2 Outlander