Update end BUG

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    • Update end BUG

      Again, you locked the thread without replying.

      Error = no message from combat = I can't treat troops.

      I sent a message to support, no answer, no ticket.

      I have a spy message = the battle had to be, but no battle report. Time of Battle 27/05/2019 at 08:26:50 World 1. My ID 1819.
      I've lost 85 million troops that I can't heal. Is this an update error for which I have proof and ADMIN ignores it?
      OK - that's a serious approach.
    • Answer ????
      I have proof and you have it.
      The answer that my problem is hypothetical is very stupid!
      I have proof that this is a mistake, I can't heal the soldiers, and you're deliberately damaging me.
      Thanks for the reply, for me it means the end of the game where ADMIN refuses to solve the mistake of which the evidence is.
      It's just another stupid hit on the war, then play the war alone.
      I won't fight with admin, you can delete me.
    • calm down...

      you write nothing into your support request; you only ask when you get the troops back which you cant know, which you think that you lost.
      Basicly you have to send us a time frame where your troops are disappering. We didn't log your troop amounts every minute; so how we should look into this without any information from you?

      I will show you how to report missing troops correctly:

      "hello admin, i have lost some troops on date "xxxx-xx-xx", could you look into this - i havn't got any battle report. On the board, dschibait published that there was an bug with not existing battle reports / false battle reports.
      Hope to get my troops back - regards XXX"

      how do you do this (not exact his words, i only want to demonstrate this here)
      "please fix the bug - there was a battle but i dont get any message - i cant heal my troops.
      i ask you to get a exact date and place where i get my troops back"

      You see that your second part, where you ask us for information is almost longer than the problem description.

      so calm down; write a new ticket (with the link to this thread) and explain what exactly goes wrong and in which time you lost - with a ca. amount of troops - and than we can see what we can do here.

    • 85,000,000 troops lost (you have the exact number in the message I didn't get). I saw the number of troops accurate when they were on their way home. I can't see the exact number now, but you do. This is not hypothetical.
      0 troops to heal.
      These are clear evidence - you have report.
      These are exact numbers - you have evidence.

      Your answers?
      1. You have no evidence - sorry, but you have evidence
      2. Numbers Are Hypothetical - Sorry, these are the exact numbers you have in the report

      Thank you for your approach.
      I give up.
      You are always right - it's hypothetical and I have no evidence.
      You can lock the thread.
      I don't want any compensation.
      It's just about the principle of the game.