Easter 2019

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    • Easter 2019

      Greetings Damorians!

      Your populace are already very excited - because the Easter season starts tomorrow! We have planned great actions for you again.

      Easter egg hunt

      From 18th of April until 30th of April:
      Everywhere on our Damoria pages you can find Easter eggs again. These contain resources, gems or buildfields for normal castles, gold castles and even your main castle!

      How many build fields could i find here every day?
      For a normal castle: up to 40 build fields
      For a gold (baldur) castle: up to 40 build fields
      For your main castle: up to 2 build fields

      No time? You can also buy the missing fields every day for a few gold coins!

      Speed Bonus

      The next days you get resource and troop speed:

      From 18th to 25th of April: triple resource and troop speed
      From 26th to 30th of April: double resource and troop speed

      Raffle Gold Purchase

      Our easter bunny awakes on the Easter holidays from April 18th through April 22nd and raffles great prizes among all gold bookings (in addition to the bonuses displayed in the shop). Every purchase takes part of the raffle!

      The following bonuses will be raffled:
      • 1x 5,000 gold
      • 5x 1,000 magic free spells
      • 10x storage and treasury filling in your main castle

      The winners will be announced at the end of the month. The prize distribution will take place during the first week of May.

      Mage bonus

      From 18th of April to the 22nd of April, our Mage will have higher magic powers and will also be able to create the following new bonuses:
      • get a storage fill with a small chance
      • get a treasury fill with a small chance
      • get an upgrade to a mage castle during this period

      What is a mage castle?
      The Mage Castle is characterized by another very strong power in addition to the normal Gold (baldur) Castle bonuses. Once a month, you can activate the magic in each of your mage castles to get up to 10 mage free spells!
      • build the buildings "Alchemist", "Hiding place" and "Treasury". For every 10 levels in each of these 3 buildings, you will receive 1 Mage Free Spell once per month.
        • Example: Alchemist Level 25, Hiding Place 30, Treasury 20 => 2 Mage-Free Spells per month
        • Example: Alchemist, Hideout, Treasury: Level 90 => 9 Free Spells per month
      • A player can receive a maximum of 100 free spells per month
      • Already in April, you can still get your free spells (if you win a mage castle upgrade or take over one from your opponents!)
      • Mage castles count as well as other special castles only 0.1 in the castles-counter
      • On the map you will hardly miss the purple enchanted beauties

      We wish you a lot of fun and a few relaxing Easter days!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team
    • Here is the winners list of our 2019 easter gold-purchase ruffle - all prices are already payed out.

      5000 Gold: vanmorris

      1000 Magier Freidrehs:

      Speicher- und Schatzkammerfüllung (Hauptschloss):
      Daniel 1979