Battle Hall of Fame

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    • Battle Hall of Fame

      I'm not sure if these suggestions are possible, but they would be a very positive addition to the Hall of Fame. I am just looking at the Nexus battles for these suggestions, but I presume they will be relevant in other universes as well.

      First - can there be a way of showing who won the battle? Maybe highlight the name of the winner. There are some ninja battles there, and unless you click on the battle, it looks like the attacker won the battle, but actually the defender won the battle.

      Second - is it not possible to show which battles were against inactive players? At the moment the top two battles were against yellows, but the 3rd and 4th placed battles are actually very impressive battles! I know that to get the top yellows was not easy, but catching red players is always more difficult...
    • After not thinking about this for a while, I suddenly noticed that there is a red line under the name of the loser, and a green line under the name of the winner, and white lines under both names if it was a draw - it looks great. Thanks for applying this idea!

      Almost forgot about the inactive players - is there a way to see if the target was inactive?