Easter 2019

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    • Hello Space Pilot!

      Eastern is coming and today you will get everything about the Easter event and at the same time there are still some updates for you:

      First to the updates

      Space Invasion 2:
      • in SI2 you now have more flags available that you can display in front of your player name
      • the mentoring program has been integrated into SI2
      • You can now define for your alliance whether to include it in the new Alliance Search and which languages you speak
      • There is a new Alliance Rank setting if a rank should spent Mentor Stars
      • Fixed a problem with ranks in the alliance
      • Fixed a problem where it could happen that a planet can not be deleted
      • Improvements have been made to the performance of the game client

      SI Classic:
      • You can now also choose languages from our new flag pool for the alliance
      • in the Alliance Search you can now filter from the new flag pool
      • You can now activate 20% Extra Production in the Mentor Program. It is intended that this costs in proportion more than the other ones
      • Preparations have been made to include event currencies (easter egg, flowers, pumpkins etc) in the statistics so you can get an overview of what you have collected - including also in your alliance stats.

      The Allianz Easter Search

      From Thursday, April 18th at 0am (CEST) through April 28th (23:59:59 CEST), our Alliance Easter-Egg Search Event will be available for you and your alliance mates!
      In our galaxies you will find egg planets. Each of these planets can only be collected by 5 players with our event flight "Egg Hunt".

      You can achieve several goals together to earn Mentor Stars:
      These targets are reset daily at 0am (CEST).

      The following bonuses are available - If each member collects
      • 5 easter eggs: 300 stars
      • 20 easter eggs: 300 stars
      • 50 easter eggs: 300 stars
      • 200 easter eggs: 2000 stars

      Should a member collect less easter eggs, this can be compensated by another member.
      In our calculations we set 5 alliance members as minimum.
      Players who are less than 3 days in the Alliance can not collect eggs for this Alliance.

      In addition, you will receive throughout the period:
      • there are again rubblefields in the entire universe (in Sirus much smaller ones)
      • a 3-fold yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter
      • Every day 5 instead of just one daily free spin at the Int. transmitter
      • Get 10% Extra Urplasma on Urplasma Purchases

      We wish you a lot of fun with the easter eggs search.

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team