Battle simulation and surrender setting

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    • Juflo wrote:

      Yes We have been in the same alliance. And you know we tried to find out information there and shared it on the alliance forum. That you could not find this information in your current alliance is a major loss. But I don't think it's the job of the owner of the game to explain this lack to you. If he wants it to be known, he must communicate it to everyone, for example in an explanation of the game. Not in an answer to one person in this forum.
      Believe it or not, I found our old forum ( ) and managed to log in to it :D
      Let's see if I can find further information there. :)

      @alucard, pls don't :D
    • with my posts, i only want to show that this isn't illogical.
      The battle settings can help and also can not help in difference fights. You need to plan with your settings and the opponent troops what happend here or not.

      all what i wrote here are my first experiments with this battle script.
      I also started developing this game some months ago (before it was developed by GladDOS or Darthcopy). So the battle script in damoria is one of the complexed one i ever see.
      20k code lines with many many methodes, many calculations and also many stuff, which need to be aware off.
      I saw that there is a Archers round with a first strike. But im not sure, if there is a requirement for wall level X or something else. I thought that you know what i mean, when you really play this game for 10 years.

      The Damoria Team is here a rly good one, who knows about fights, the simulator and also more small details. Like you, they had simulate for many and many years that they gain experience here.

      I didn't know that no one wrotes about the battle script like i do - so that you are on your own here to get these kind of details. I think i should stop here explaining something ? :)
    • Dschibait wrote:

      So the battle script in damoria is one of the complexed one i ever see.
      Yes, That was a problem with bigpoint also. Sometimes they did send a developer to Damoria (if there was made enough fuss about some bug). And if the developer did not lose the nerves, some changes were made after more than half a year of studying the scripts. ^^ And all worlds had scripts that were a little bit different.
      A good alliance shares the information they found with the ( or some trusted) members. A change of alliance could be an opportunity to get more information.
      Maybe a good tutorial for all may be an option in the future. But until then, it would be nice if not everything was shared.

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