Ideas for future updates

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    • Ideas for future updates


      These are some suggestions:

      1) Give us an option to divide the resources when demolishing a castle. Right now when you demolish a big castle, you can only send those resources to 1 castle, which makes a lot of resources being lost (is a disadvantage for players who are under heavy attack).
      2) Make an option to re-locate secondairy castles. Of course there should be some limitations (for example, only 1 castle per month and the castle may not be contested?).
      3) Resize the troops interface (now the troops that are running don't fit the table). See attachment
      4) Maybe adjust the night bonus? The Senate has been adjusted to -30% and +30%. Why not make it so that during the players night bonus it is only -30% and not +30%? This would help players not waking up to losing a lot of castles over night.

      Any more suggestions are welcome ;)
    • Another thing that should balance the game a bit more:

      Right now a player can jump with his main next to his enemies main castles during the night and just 'take' what he wants while his opponent is asleep.
      This doesn't seem very balanced because it does a lot of harm.
      I know this is a war game, but doesn't this seem a bit unfair?

      Therefore my proposed solution is to put players that jump with their main castle into an automatic form of capitulation for a few days.
      This gives the opponent the time to react to this and doesn't let him wake up to a very unpleasant surprise!

      I know above I asked for more possibility's to move castles but those things could go hand in hand:
      - When moving main castle a few days of capitulation are automatic
      - When moving a secondairy castle it can only be moved into an x size radius of the main castle

      Kind regards,

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    • You could also improve the theme of demolitions, for example if you demolish a castle
      60,000,000,000 million stone
      40,000,000,000 million wood
      20,000,000,000,000,000,000 ore
      make an average like 40,000,000,000 of each ,.
      Or make full storage resource of 20,000,000,000 million would be two full storage resource.
      Also once a year, for two weeks let us position all the castles on the map again.
    • here are some of my suggestions for future-proof updates

      1. the possibility of transferring the combat report to the simulator. (It would be much faster if 1 button could move the combat to the simulator and allow combat analysis)

      2. more look Castles on the map. Currently, you can see how the wavelength is about 5 points - 1000 points and above 20k points or somehow reaches the final appearance. It would be good if the castle above 100kk had a different look and above 1 kkk point. it would be easier to look for larger castles on the map

      3. new types of troops. For example: kamikaze, slinger (using a slingshot) , Archer on a horse
      , Nobleman

      4. give better bonuses for acquiring new players (the new player must meet specific requirements then the person inviting someone has a bonus)

      5. we currently use programs to take combat shots. give the option to save the fight and show the players with the help of the button

      6. increasing the granary for the main castles. I think that the capital should be exceptional. And for many players, except that you can not lose it, there are no advantages.

      is a short list of ideas that could add variety to the game in the future
    • I would like to submit the idea of iclure one more data for battle armies.

      1) A battle morale can be given to the army

      this one may have evolved positively

      - with new recruits
      - if the player wins the battles launched (so for each attack launched a victory is expected)

      he could have gone to the negative

      - lost battle (this avoids attacks to 1 soldiers)
      - troops returning without having fought

      2) To allow the attacks of military reductions which are important without losing of morale of army, we would have to create a new troupe.

      - For the production of a new troops, several tracks

      1- kamikaze (totally new)
      2- Slave (Troop captured during battle)
      3- Peasant (civil troop)

      The morale of the army in a general way may be taken into account in the fact of providing "CAPITULED" if the morale falls too low

      Thanks for reading me