Where is my game DAMORIA.

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  • Where is my game DAMORIA.

    Hello, what infraction to the rules of the forum I have committed so that my thread of farewell to the game is erased?

    .- Where is or has become that game that in 2009 so much I fell in love and I hooked to this day?

    .- That game that when it is on the server in Spain, there are also big and small, small and large players, where some of them have been attacked and have been exceeded by more than 5 times my rating made up of 4 players than their Una I was part of an alliance of guilds and myself with my score of 20 million and 10 castles resisting their attacks and I was not conquered by any castle and joined a guild that protected me. History like mine how many has not been in 10 years of other players and worlds?

    What were the guilds for? I wonder was not for the player to join and protect against other stronger players? "The union has strength" is said, apparently, have been turned into a game in the opposite sense to belong to a strong guild you are persecuted because you destroy the game.

    .- Where is my game DAMORIA, when I enter Europe Global 2, where there have been big and small guilds and small and big players, join a guild called NUMANTIA that in the end we join him all powerful guild ORCOS for quite some time DAMORIA , where many players at the same time fight and support their colleagues or guild alliances. weepy as now.

    And so I could continue to miss my game DAMORIAen the English server (you remember hoch, our differences, you with 240 castles and leader of dilligaf and I with 12 or 13 castles and we have good battles, obviously the fight was unbalanced but what we had fun friend, and of course with a substantial difference, I did not complain in the forum because I would attack a large etc, etc.

    It is already in my game, what has changed and still has not been pleased in the subject, my story is repeated in hundreds of friends and enemies (the latter in the figurative sense) and they have remained faithful to their beloved game, which some few that well Why are there guilds? It is not for this.

    ADIOS MY LOVED GAME DAMORIA, and welcome to the new bandits.
  • That Damoria of 2009 has been long dead. No new live, just some old ones trying to stay alive. Just like everything that hasn't changed will die. Changes are needed to survive. New players are needed. Not all changes are positive or easy for everyone, but first consider how you can use the changes to make the game better for yourself. An alliance with players of different military strength can help each other enormously. The starting players can quickly participate fully in an alliance, even take over a castle from an alliance member that is much larger. This is necessary to ensure that new players continue to play despite the large difference in military strength.
  • changes in time brings changes in game...

    im sorry if you expect something else. But important to know is that the team and also me doing this to keep damoria alive... keep as many players as possible here in game.
    I read this kind of messages often; after big updates; you will see, most of our changes (and there adjustments) will help damoria.
  • This is incomprehensible... I have to convince many of my players not to abandon Damoria forever, and I know that there are many other players from other alliances who have already decided to leave the game.

    Return the rules to their normal state. If you want to invent new rules for new players, do it on a new server, let us play with the rules we have always had, you're destroying the game that we were in love and you're getting everyone to stop playing Damoria forever.
  • @Urotsukidoji
    we already read that 10 times from you ... maybe you could bring somthing which brings us forward? Its ok if you dont like the new system, its also ok if you think that the team and i doing a bad job with that ... but we want to keep players that they dosn't get destroyed in your war... we try to get something in which is fair for everyone. That there are players who could profit from this some weks ago; yes sure, but we also need some time to react.

    so please stop crying ... tell us what we should change on this system that it works beter for damoria (and not only for you and your mates)
  • Dschibait wrote:

    so please stop crying ... tell us what we should change on this system that it works beter for damoria (and not only for you and your mates)
    Instead of answering that, Mr. Administrator, you should react and change everything to your state, as Urotsukidoji has said, we all think, we have lost many veteran colleagues, we knew many friends from all countries, where are they?
    So much change has made them leave it and it is true that every time we affect these rules to all veterans.
    Stop saying that if Urotsukidoji cries, that player speaks for all of us and even for many veteran colleagues who have left him even many friends from all countries where we have had great wars before, tell me.
    Where are those players, why are not they?
    because they have left the game, just as many players are now leaving it?
    You do not ask yourself that question.
    We have always helped everyone and especially the little ones, we have made them like this game.
    What do you say now?
    Enter and play, to this game, which is almost impossible to grow but you spend?
    Do not worry that the big ones will help you attack those walls?
    Dear administrators and owners of the game, make things better and fix many things, such as demolitions, resources between colleagues, attacks that if they send so much, not so much for a hundred, I mean as always, that a wall if it is high can be lowered with many rams but not with the barbarity of now.
    That a medium player can conquer a castle on its own, a big one does not have to help him.
    From what I have read in another section, for helping a comrade the great ones to lower walls they tell us that we are multis, try that this does not happen and that a small one can lower walls by itself.
    So the game was more exciting.
    But above all and above all, do not criticize or say to a colleague that if he cries or complains, here many of us speak for all, we have a cell in which we are more than 40 companions, we have a skype where everything is talked about this, and you only say if it is repeated or if it is a cry.
    Come and return the game as it was, but in everything, in demolitions, certificates, resources, walls etc.
    As the partner says, if you want to try, open another server and try it there.
    a greeting