Spring-Update 2019

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    • Spring-Update 2019

      Hello Damorians

      in spring we have some changes, updates and something new for you!

      We have seen your wars on World 1 and 2 and believe that protection mechanisms must also be activated for players who are above our 3 billion mark.
      Here we have intensively thought before. However, the team has reassembled in the last few days to find a near and good solution.

      Military strength

      Today we would like to introduce you to the "military" update, which is one of the first steps we take to protect small players and only allow battles if the players have similar strengths.
      We would like to point out in advance that this is the first stage of development. We rely on your feedback, your constructive suggestions and hints to find the best possible solution for Damoria!

      • every player now has a score worth of "military strength" next to his points
        • there is a new ranking for this value
        • for this value, there is also a new continent ranking and alliance ranking
      • This value is based on the number of troops and the level of your military buildings.
      • With a low number of castles, you will notice increased military strength as you can more specifically launch certain defensive maneuvers. Conversely, you will see a reduction in military strength in case of many castles, as your troops can not defend anything here.
      • An attack will now only be possible:
        • if you and the target player are in the top 50 or
        • if the player is in the same alliance as you or
        • if the player has 50% more or less of your Military Strength
      • this system replaces the current Newbie protection (3Mrd regulation / 10% regulation)
      • You now see in all stats a green (or red) point if you can attack the player or not
      • Currently ongoing attacks are not affected by this system

      General changes

      The following changes are also active as of today:

      • Troop reports now list which units and their number were involved in the corresponding troop action.
      • Filling a construction loop with the button "fill troop queue" was limited to 1,000 fillings per day
      • the capacity for market offers has been doubled. Furthermore, the function has been deactivated for vacation helpers
      • storage fillings can now also be used in the main castle
      • Starting today, new inactive (grey) castles will have changed battle settings (not always 100%)
      • The Senator Strength is now dependent on the size of the Senator Building of Attacking Player Castle.
        • there will be a new base value of 10
        • for each level, 0.2 is added to this base value
        • the senator retuning will be 50% +/- of that value.
          • Example: Senate 50 => 10+ (0.2 * 50) => 20 so a chance between 10% to 30%
          • Example: Senate 100 => 10+ (0.2 * 100) => 30 so a chance between 15% and 45%

      Bandit Event

      From today, March 30th through April 30th, the bandits will be brought to Damoria. This evil alliance has spread in our Damoria world - with their stolen goods. Use your troops to get the treasures!

      Furthermore, you will receive in the entire event period:
      • the planned routes for the trade master obtain now a reduced (from 60min to 5min) additional duration
      • 10% more gold on gold purchases
      • Extras for the larger gold packages
      • a new event mini package is available for purchase
        • get 50% more troop queue size

      Information about the bandits:

      • bandit camps appear throughout the map
      • Bandits are afraid for a particular troop unit. But it can also happen that they are afraid of everyone!
      • every bandit camp is protected by traps. The more traps the more troops you can lose in a raid. These troops can not be healed by you!
        • You lose 33% less troops when the bandits are afraid
        • The loss never exceeds 3% of the troops sent
      • Bandits hoarded treasures. In a raid, you take randomly 3 different treasure varieties
      • it is always 10% (from the start value of there were) taken from this goods
      • you have to ensure the carrying capacity with your troops, otherwise you will of course only take what you can carry!
      • Rams and catapults have a carrying capacity of 10 units when attacking a bandit camp
      • You can attack the same bandit camp only once at the same time.
      • You will then receive a raid report in the new Bandits Camp reports area. There you can see all your losses and what goods you have collected

      We wish you a few exciting and sunny days - Good luck hunting the bandits!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team
    • World 2 startup rewards:

      In addition, we will book the last remaining rewards from the W2 start event tonight.

      We had promised all players, who were eligible to participate in the castle raffle (for the long wait as compensation in each case) a castle, which was there to win the raffle. Although the raffle has already been done and the castles are distributed to the winners - so it is not possible for us to book a castle in a short timely manner to all eligible players, which is why we want to book you an alternative compensation.

      Therefore tonight all eligible players will receive the following bonuses:

      - 1 storage fill in stock
      - 250 free spells for the mage
      - 1 upgrade option of a normal castle to a sanctuary (also in stock)
      - Premium for 2days

      This would be all W2 start bonuses - If someone misses something, we ask you to create a support ticket.
    • Hello Damorians,

      Due to your suggestions, we have changed the following conditions:

      • A castle, which was taked over, can be attacked by all players on Damoria for 14 days
      • As soon as the owner of the castle retrieves this castle, the normal military restrictions apply to this player’s castle. All attacks launched (before the takeover) on this castle are carried out.
      • Once a castle is held by a player for 14 days, he/she will be recognized as the new owner and the normal military restrictions apply
      • this does not affect the fact that the castle can be demolished after 2 or 7 days.

      With these changes we hope to offer you the opportunity to recapture lost castles through teamwork.

      best regards
      Your Damoria team
    • The following changes have been added to the Senator:

      - the base value has been increased to 20%
      - A new maximum value of 40% has been specified for the range. An increase to Level 100 is still useful, since the Min value continues to increase up to level 100.

      Senate Level 0:
      20+ (0 * 0.2) => 20 => Range 10% - 30%

      Senate Level 50
      20+ (50 * 0.2) => 30 => Range 15% - 40%

      Senate Level 100
      20+ (100 * 0.2) => 40 => Range: 20% - 40%
    • The following changes have just been added:

      - now we allowed that all players within the TOP 50 (Player Points / Castles) can attack each other as well. Please note that attackers and defenders must be in the top 50 in the same ranking (military or castle points) in order to attack.

      - We reduced the senator's random range from 50% (+/-) to 30%. This will reduce also the amount of (possible) attacks to take over a castle (compared to the previous version).

      - The range + - 50% is now also checked for the defender. Once the attacker or defender is in the 50% range of the opponent - an attack is possible

      - now, you can also see on the map, if a player / castle can be attacked or not

      - Fixed a problem where gems and resources were captured from bandits but not booked
    • Hello Damorians!

      We've added a few new points for you so that the way to our new military points system will be easier for you:

      - the attack point now shows you with a yellow color that you can only attack individual castles of this player. In addition, a light green dot has been added for alliance members

      - the indication whether a player can be attacked or not has been inserted in many places in the game, for example on the alliance members page or on the map

      - confirm windows have been removed in different places. For example, in the market, when launching attacks or sending units. We think an existing midd-confirmation page should be enough here.

      - added 2 new points to the alliance for a clear overview of the contested castles. The overview of the contested castles includes not only the countdown for the 14 day rule but also a countdown for the possibility of the demolition.

      We wish you lot of fun with Damoria.

      best regards
      Your Damoria team
    • Hello Damorians,

      Last week, our military update was published. Many of you have helped us with constructive feedback to make changes to this feature.
      You can read the whole update history here:

      Unfortunately, the update and the changes were not as good for many as we thought. We hoped that the community understands that the team wants to keep as many players as possible in Damoria. Of course, wars are there to defeat players, but we think it should be in our interest not to destroy these players to the moat, so they stop playing damoria.
      We are sorry for the current war participant that they were so surprise with this update. But we hope that you can still understand our situation.

      Today we have published more updates and changes based on your ideas, suggestions or messages in the forum:
      • Fixed a problem where the yellow dot was not displayed
      • we have changed the range +/- 50% so that both players have to be in the respective points range of their own points and the points of the opponent. (before it was "or" and not "and")
      • Players who take over a gray castle are registered directly as owner (without a 14-day waiting period). This does not apply to already conquered gray castles.
      • Players who move their main castle can not launch an attack for 24 hours from this castle
      • for castles that are "contested" (14 days after taking over) the following updates applies:
        • The mage can not cast spells in these castles
        • build fields, storage fillings or other upgrades can’t be used here
        • The wall strength in these castles has been reduced to 5% (-95%)
      • there were new adaptations of Wall strength. We have come to the conclusion that balancing the Wall based on the current values (Proportional increase of strength) is not possible.
        • We have therefore increased the wall strength linear (to the level) now.
        • There are value “jumps” from the step range 1-20, 21-50 and over 50.
        • You can now define "contested castles" in the simulator to test both cases.
        • Overall, the wall was a bit weaker

      We still hope for your feedback and wish you a lot of fun in Damoria.

      best regards
      Your Damoria team