Energy Depletion From Attack's

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    • Energy Depletion From Attack's

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      Energy depletion from attack's.
      That where a successful attack. That the Fusion plant energy supply to the planet is reduced by a 10% per attack. This would add another element to where being attacked you find that you'll have to adjust power distribution on planets.

      Something that wouldn't be too difficult to implement into the programming for the attack function.

      Maybe only from Battleships which then the battleship description would be correct in it's EMP weapon it has.
      Could also be the chance to add a new tech as well. EMP Tech level. Plus another defensive Tech like EMP Shielding for Fusion plants. Which can both then be used to calculate the energy loss on planet.

      Power supply regenerate's over at a rate of 2% or 2.5% per hr.

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