Details: New Universe SIRIUS

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    • Details: New Universe SIRIUS

      Hello Space Pilots!

      Today you get all information about the first Space Invasion endless universe after 7 years!

      The team has spent together much time to evaluate the data of the last universes, (the wishes and the criticism) in order to offer something for everyone!
      You can still participate in our voting thread for the universe name!
      See here: Voting: new Universe Name

      Today we want to give you a few more details about the setup and the changes.

      Starts on: 15th of February at 7pm (CET)
      General Speed: 1.5x
      Flight Speed: 2x

      Planets: 8 + 2 purchasable
      Asteroid: maximum 2
      Galaxies. 6
      Planets per system: maximum 3
      build fields (Astro / Planet): normal as in other endless universes
      Min flight time (attacks only): 5 minutes

      General changes for all universes:
      • Yellow players are now deleted after 60 days (previously 28 days)
      • Style Changes have been made to the Galaxy Map

      Changes for this universe (more below):
      • the new AZ. system will be active. This sets the attack zone from 25% to 400% of your points.

      Information about the payment:
      • All payment features are like in an endless universe, except the following points
      • The building upgrades are available
      • The Starter Kits and the Interdimensional Transmitter are not available until August (to give everybody a fair start)
      • The Interdimensional Transmitter now has an increase in the cost each 10 spins. As a result, the IDT still does not have a maximum usage limit, but the usage will be self-defining with ratio yield to price.
      • the research acceleration is disabled

      The entire SpaceInvasion team wishes you a successful start.

      At this point we would like to shout that the team is still looking for volunteers for existing as well as the new universe, who are looking for a team position. Please note that team members are not allowed to play in the corresponding universe.

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team
    • Defense Units:
      It is now possible to disable defense units (except small and large shield dome). When you disable your defense, it digs into the ground to be protected from attack.
      Digging in or out always takes 60 minutes, but can be accelerated with the new "Tunnel System" building, but can not be canceled after startup.
      You can create tunnels on your planet in advance with the new "Tunnel System" building, which the defense units can use. This reduces the duration by 60 seconds per level. (maximum level 40).
      From level 40, the building offers the possibility to load particles there. As with the teleporter, particle shield or particle cannon you can load this new building. For 500,000 particles, you can activate a particle fog. It does not allow enemy ships to target your defense units, but your defense can not intervene in combat.
      This fog takes 60 seconds to activate and lasts for 24 hours.
      A new fog can start only after complete charge and 3 days after dissolve.
      Defense units can only be built as long as all units are actively on the surface and no particulate fog is active. You can only have your defense dig in, out, or activate the Particle fog, unless there are any Defense build jobs active on this planet.

      on a espionage:
      In a spy, your spy probes now need min. Espionage technique 12 to see digged in units. Electromagnetic resonance can then be used to roughly determine how many units have digged in on this planet.
      This value varies from + -30% and can be lowered with more spy probes to 0% difference.
      The level of the tunnel system is not listed in spy reports.
      The status of defense will be listed in the report.

      The Research Network
      Now, you have the opportunity to research from multiple research labs in your network. Still, a research takes time - but with your network you have the opportunity to cut the time needed to finish the research.
      Each research requires a maximum of 200 days in this universe. With each level of a research lab on one of your planets, you reduce the maximum duration by one day.
      The minimum is 30 days for a research; this corresponds to research laboratory level 170.
      The research costs are retained.

      The Imperial Starbase
      The ISB receives a new function. You have the possibility to send them on a mission "EMP Bomb", which you can start via the Galaxy map as well as via the fleet menu.
      This new mission works exclusively with one Imperial Starbase. In the system (no matter which planet) in which you send them, it will trigger the self-destruction on arrival and interfere with the Galaxy Scanner - so with a continuous electromagnetic interference, no galaxy scanners can scan this system.
      The new mission flight isn’t visible in the Galaxy Scanner as well as on the target planet.
      The Galaxy Scanner will only list colonization missions in this system.
      The base time for the disturbance is 4 hours. This will be increased for one hour for each level of black hole research.