Dark Gate Transfer and Event

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    • Dark Gate Transfer and Event

      Hello Space Pilots!

      on Friday, 1st of February the time for transfer is coming up!
      Players from the Dark Gate universe can transfer their account to the Nexus or RETRO Universe. Today we want to review the points of the transfer and introduce you to the "Hello Dark Gate" event!

      Taking a Account over:
      • At 0am: the universe "Dark Gate" is deactivated
      • At 7pm the transfer is activated for the RETRO and Nexus universe. Make sure you do not have an account in your target universe
      • You can transfer your account to one of the two universes (up to and including March 3rd)
      • Once your account has been transferred, you are automatically in vacation mode. You can leave this vacation mode directly. But you do not have to wait for the transfer to complete, your account is safe!
      • All planets are now locked for 7 days according to our block rules.
      • All planets can now be moved once for the next 7 days. Please note our instructions that the planet move may not be used for offensive actions.

      Since we are asked again about the transfer, here is a short overview:
      • All game data (planets, ships, defense etc) are transmitted
      • all running build, research and ship queues are taken over. Times are re-calculated to the new universe speed
      • All purchased items are transferred. Assistants still running will continue be active in the target universe
      • The Alliance Leader can transfer the Alliance (with Mentor Stars!). Members must be invited back to the Alliance
      • Achievements, statistics and planet moves are also transmitted
      • Messages are not transmitted

      And don’t forget: the Welcome Dark Gate Event:
      In addition to the Dark Gate players also pirates have appeared in our galaxies. Collect their chests and exchange gold for great bonuses.

      In the period from February 1st to February 10th, the following bonuses will be activated:
      • get 4 fold yield on the Interdimensional Transmitter
      • receive 3 instead of the 1 free daily spin
      • There are many small rubblefields in our systems
      • Fuel costs are reduced by 50% for this period!

      Please note: the pirates / gold event is not available in GeNeSIS² and SI2!

      We wish you all a lot of fun in space!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team