Troop- and Capitulation-Update

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    • Troop- and Capitulation-Update

      Hello Damorians!

      We are pleased to announce today the next update, which is based on the big Balancing Update of 2018.
      Also in 2019 we will pursue different goals:
      • we want to integrate more possibilities and protection to win new players
      • we want to create more strategic opportunities for you
      • We want to make sure that players have to choose specific strategies instead of simply researching, building or producing "everything" in the game

      With today's update, we already want to tackle some of these issues.

      General changes:
      • a new castle selection list has been integrated
      • Gracking errors have been fixed in several places
      • Troops in castles of "Gray" (inactive) players are now reduced by 1% per day. In this way, we want to make the conquer of Gray Castles more attractive.
      • We made changes to the Wall. Wall strength has been reduced by half on World1; on World2 it has been reduced approximately sixfold. We reserve the right to change the values with increasing ram numbers.

      Troops Production Update:
      • the maximum troop amount for the troop building queue has been changed
        • Up to and including level 71, the calcl remains 40 * level
          • From level 71, the size of the build queue now increases to a maximum of almost 8000!
        • There are new ways to increase this maximum of troop queue
          • Premium: Added 25% increased troop queue size to the premium account. Of course, already active premium accounts have got this activated
          • There is a new Silver and Gold mini package for increasing the Maximum troop queue size
          • The Mage allows you to increase the maximum values also by another 25% and 50%
          • The new maximum of the troop build queue is about 18,600 units
        • A new button has been added to the troop production buildings for all owners of the troop master. With this button you automatically fill the corresponding building’s troop queue list with the maximum number of troops that can be produced.

      Capitulation update:
      You read that right! Damoria now offers you to capitulate to your opponents under certain conditions. We hope that this step will keep players in the game - who have struggled or lost many units in war. The capitulation info page can be accessed via the Military menu.

      How exactly does the capitulation work?
      If you lose a lot of points and troops during a confrontation - now you get the opportunity to capitulate. Assuming you have not taken any castles in the last 2 or 7 days.
      If you capitulated, we will automatic stop all attacks and call back all support troops. Likewise, all support troops are recalled from your castles.
      You are not attackable for 6 months after activating the capitulation mode and you can’t perform any offensive actions yourself anymore.
      You are publicly visible for all as "capitulated"! Each player can see on the world map, your profile or alliance pages and in the ranking that you have capitulated. (red background of row)

      We hope to keep players active in the game with this first version of the capitulation, even if they lost heavily in war. Of course, we will keep a critical eye on this function in order to prevent abuse or actions, which aren’t intended by us.

      Have fun with these new features in Damoria!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team