Spice bug

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    • Hello a bug at the spice levels on the retirement flight that you select 10% or 100% the comsomation does not move so exesitely expensive for a 10% retirement flight to pay the same amount as 100% .... ........still no compensation will be granted for the loss and you will tell me that it is not a bug ..............

      and before you tell me that it has no direct impact on the game here is my direct spice consomationFuel costs: 3,439,898,865

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    • You did not bring anything to my post of positive then abstain from wanting to participate I speak a certain levels of games but apparently it does not concern you yet the flight of retirement is expensive these for what you do for a flight to 10 % to save spice consume but if this last flight consumes the same amount of spice as 100% I apel it steals or bug
    • your in an official board of the game and as far as I can say i just describe you the point of "how is it". If you cant life with other opinions or with given game features set your account to vacation mode or directly to inactivity that would skimp us all the crying.

      anyway if you mean it in an other way than i descripe write more facts in a more common english cause in this case your message wasnt completly clear