Dark Gate Minimum Flight Times Reduced?

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    • Dark Gate Minimum Flight Times Reduced?

      I was in the middle of doing a series of escape flights at around 4:35 am server time when the minimum flight time suddenly dropped from 5 min to 3 or 2 min. I situated some of my planets close together so that I could use the minimum time to get a consistent escape flight time across many planets. The escape flights all each contained transmitters, spy probes, and recyclers and no engine research completed at the time of the change. I also did a test with a recycle mission on the same planet and I still got the usual minimum 5 min flight time.

      Is this a permanent change or a temporary bug? If it is permanent I would like to know so I can move/delete some planets.

    • I would also like to suggest that the minimum time be only put on attacks. I know the server is nearly finished, but stationing spy probes for 5 minutes when a spy mission is allowed to run in just a few seconds is crazy.

      A transport being limited to 5 minutes is also only hurting smaller players. I think the reasoning of 5 minutes limit to attacks was to help the smaller players? But now until a player gets teleporters up, they cannot easily intercept an attack coming at them... The present 5 minute limit on flights other than attakcs only helps the bigger players...
    • After further experimentation, I see it is only escape flights within the same solar system in which the 5 minute minimum has been eliminated. So the change or bug probably took place earlier in the day and not while I was making that series of escape flights at 4:35 am server time.