Adjustments Planet move

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    • Adjustments Planet move

      Hello Space Pilots!

      we have made the following changes for the 7-day block time after a planet move.
      - Spy flights can not be performed on active players
      - Attacks on inactive players can now be launched
      - Colonizations can only be started if the player is registered less than 21 days in the game

    • Hello again Space Pilots,

      just to make it clear:

      The only reason we implemted the planet move feature was to adjust your main planets. Not to get your planet as raid colony to an opponent.

      It was never meant to use this feature to attack anybody or interact in any way with attacks.
      We made the changes above to make our Point very clear.
      Also this will prevent "Pay-To-Win" mechanics (e.g. buying a bunch of christmas gifts and use the planet move to attack an oponent)

      If we missed to restrict the planet transfer in any way, please tell us as abusing it offensively will result in punishment.