Christmas Gifts

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    • maybe the fleeters want an option as for example possibility to see in the gala scan the exactely time of returning the save flights to their home planets? :D But it must not be to easy for them ... the return time should be visible only max 4 times a day for about 5 minutes. And the exactely time when this could be seen is changing from visibility to next visibility. I by myself as a miner would of cause activate the vacation mode during such event ^^
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    • That was not meant to criticize the event. But it was just a statement that the whole game has shifted strongly towards Miner.
      The multi Prodi until October, the 15th Planet and then there is the multi-production from the event.Recently I was still first. Now I fell in second place in a short time and have a lot of backlog. The 2 behind me (larger mines) are about to overtake me as well. I can not stand this even with strong activity.I see the whole thing quite relaxed and can live well with it but it is already noticeable ^^
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    • I would not write that this event was ony for miners. All depends how you want to use your gifts.

      Still with gifts you could build planets with teleports in ultra fast time, and charge them within few hours.
      Also all nice multiple-production will mean that more fleets will be builded, more players will reach AZ15 faster ... more targets, and bigger ones for fleeters.

      Perhaps it would be nice to buy a gift "half spice usage" for 24 h, like innactive farmer in future events.
      Or stealt camouflage from galaxy scanner the same way to stimulete more offensive flieghts of weaker players ?

      Some people would be happy about this.
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