Christmas - Gifts for Anyone!

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    • Christmas - Gifts for Anyone!

      Hello Space Pilots!

      The Christmas season has begun and in SpaceInvasion we want to make this year a gift rich! We invite you to participate in this year's gift event :)

      The Gift Event will start at 0 am on November 30th and will run until January 1st, 2019.23:59:59 CET. You can (until January 6th) exchange your gifts.

      There will be 4 different gift variants. Green, blue, yellow and red.
      The different colors are sorted by their rarity, so you will often find green gifts, red’s are rarely.

      You will receive gifts from:
      • our gift O-Mat
      • through your daily login
      • for every game on the Interdimensional Transmitter
      • By recycling gift planet
      • through Santa flights on gifts in space
      • by Santa-Gifts

      Moment - by Santa-Gifts? More below!

      Surely you are still wondering what a Santa flight should be?
      In addition to the gift planets (little planets with multiple gift types) there are also planet positions with only one gift (so only one color).
      Once you've found a location that has a single gift, fast! fly to the location (with a probe) via "Santa-flight” and collect 5 gifts of the color!
      A maximum of 20 players can collect gifts from this position and each player can only receive gifts from there once.
      We recommend you should search for the rare gift colors! You can collect a maximum of 1000 gifts a day (so start 200 Santa flights). This will reset at 0am (CET).

      The other gift planets with multiple colors can only be recycled. You can recycle as many gifts as you want. There are always 25-40 gifts on a planet. With a recycler, you bring a gift home - up to a maximum of 5 gifts (5 recyclers). The final color is random.

      But what can you exchange with these gifts?
      You find 4 different Gift Color Shops. So if you have enough gifts of one color, you can trade them for great bonuses like:
      • Interdimensional Transmitter Free Games
      • Construction and research acceleration
      • Multi-productions
      • the gifts go into the planet-move counter

      Huh? Planet-move-counter?
      We have so many extras for you - hope you still reading here :)
      Each received gift counts in a progress. Once you've collected 100,000 gifts (you do not have to keep them!), You can choose a planet you want to move. Please note that after a move you can not be attacked on this planet for 12 hours and also you can’t start attacks from this planet for the next 7 days.
      Received gifts can be exchanged by you for progress points. It is also possible to complete the progress several times to get more than one planet move. But do not imagine this task as too easy!

      Furthermore, the following is activated again during the entire period:
      • rubblefields will appear everywhere in the universe
      • You get 3 free games on the Int. Transmitter instead of the one
      • there is a 3-fold yield from the Int. Transmitter (Dark Gate 2x)

      We will make changes for the GeNeSIS² Universe and the Dark Gate Universe as these universes have increased fleet speed.

      But what is this Santa-Gift?

      We offer you Santa-Gifts in our shop. A santa gift will have a value of 5€. You have the choice to give a gift to Santa's childs, which you will also send a gift back; Or you send a gift to a friend in SpaceInvasion. (also in different universes)
      Once you send a gift to a friend, they must also purchase a gift in advance to accept your gift and send you a gift back.

      In every Santa-Gift are:
      • 500-600 urplasma
      • Event gifts
        • 20-70 gifts if you're with Santa's kids
        • 100-200 gifts if you send it to a SpaceInvasion friend

      Also! There may be one of the following surprises in a gift (70% chance to get one of these extras!):
      • even more gifts for the gift event. You get more gifts when you're with a SpaceInvasion friend!
      • our different assistants for 5-30 days
      • Int. Transmitter Free Games (8-15)
      • a double event production for 12-36 hours (GeNeSIS²: 3-9, Dark Gate: 1-4)
      • a triple event production for 12-36 hours (GeNeSIS²: 3-9, Dark Gate: 1-4)
      • Extra Urplasma (50-200)

      Finally: The Multi-Production-Update:
      As soon as you receive a multi or event production while the corresponding type is already active, you will have the opportunity to activate it at a later time. You can activate this via the economic (Industry) overview, whenever you want. There you will find your multi-production stock, which includes up to 10 multi-productions.
      This change allows you to get an event multiproducts during the event also if you have one active! (up to a maximum of 10 in the stock).
      This also applies to the Interdimensional Transmitter. Before that, you could not win multi-productions as long as you had one active. Now you can always win these unless your stock isn’t full.
      You can activate multi productions in the economy at any time, even if you already have a multi-production activated and even if this has another factor. The multiproduction to be activated is then converted accordingly to the currently active factor (by the runtime).
      Example: you have 2x active (for 1 hour) and you want to activate a 3x production (for 1 hour): so the 2x production will be extended by 2 hours.

      We wish you a lot of fun collecting gifts, and we wish you a peaceful christmas time

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team