Balancing Update 2018

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  • Balancing Update 2018

    Hello Damorians!

    The takeover of most of damoria accounts is done - we hope you are all back in the game and could already inspect the new shop and the mage.

    Today we want to introduce you to other changes on Damoria. We have already set a fight stop to prevent taking advantage of various game mechanics by knowing these changes.
    There will be maintenance from 0am to 1am (CET) on November 30th, so that we can enable these changes for all of you. The fight stop will remain active until the evening of November 30th.
    We've granted you this week to make changes to your accounts so you can be prepared for these updates.

    Let's Go: we are happy to announce the big Damoria Balancing Update 2018:

    Before you start to read and think "oh my gosh" - we pondered and tested these changes for a long time. You can read our thoughts on most points in the "Team Comment" spoiler.
    It is important that these changes are not final; They should be the first step in a better, modern and new future.
    We do not want to completely change Damoria - but we think that the given situation and changes in the damoria worlds and players, just need a few updates.
    With most of the changes we want to support rookies, first and foremost, that these players can get a foot in Damoria.

    Certificates and construction wagon

    Even the first point will affect you all. The cost of certificates and construction wagons will be changed. Here we set a new maximum limit of castles - from which we plan that it should no longer be possible to conquer or found a castle. This limit will be 120 castles.
    If you have more castles, you will not be able to take or create any new castle (other than Golden) as long as you are over that limit.

    On the following page you can see the costs of a construction wagon or a certificate for each castle amount:

    The cost will be calculated based on your number of castles. These include all neighboring castles and (new also) Golden castles in the ratio 0.1 (ie 10 Golden castles correspond to a neighboring castle)

    All players whose sum of current purchased certificates and number of castles is over 120 receive their certificates reduced. For each certificate, these players receive 10,000 emeralds in their main castle on November 30th.

    In addition, we have built a lock for newly-founded castles. These only can demolished after 30 days. Castles established before 30th November are not affected.

    Team comment
    At this moment, there is a limit of maximum castles. However, this is due to bugs or problems of recent years for many players at different numbers of max. castles. This is because when purchasing a construction wagon or a certificate, the number of "purchased" was taken into account. So it always need, if a castle was lost or removed, so the player is no longer obtain this, a certificate or wagon will be deducted. Unfortunately, this did not works or was strongly distorted by the fusion/takeover in 2015.
    We decided to another way, so to develop a formula that had to consider only neighboring castles, gold castles and purchased certificates (in the case of certificates). Thus, no increase or decrease is necessary because the cost can be calculated at any time with this values.
    It would not have been possible on the basis of current data to find a good way to purchase / purchased certificates and to bring the number of castles and costs fair to all players. That's why we chose the new formula and these underlying values.
    The decision to include Golden Castles in the number was also the basis that we want to give these castles a limit. We think it is important for the game to offer golden castles, but to a reasonable extent. With this and other measures, we hope to upgrade Golden Castles and make them more interesting for friend and foe

    Modification of the construction wagon level’s 3 and 4

    We have adapted the buildings for Level 3 and Level 4 wagons as follows, so that a faster construction of newly castles can be realized.

    Level 3Level 4
    Construction office2530
    Military building3040
    Tournament field, Military training grounds1525
    Living quarters2530
    Treasury, Wall, Hideout36

    Team comment
    Not only small will set up new castles later with this update. It will now be worth considering even for taller players. We want to make this more interesting, with this change that you get directly higher building levels and would not have to invest time or gold to build the small levels.

    resources on demolition of castles and buildings

    Also this point will be a big change for all of Damorians. We have adapted the resources received after a demolition of a building or a castle.
    At the same time we also allow the demolition of golden castles.

    Normal castles can be demolished 2 days after takeover.
    For Golden Castles is a 7 day period after takeover.

    We have changed the refunded resources as follows:
    • when demolishing a building, you now receive 90% of the resources (previously 33%)
    • at the normal demolition of a
      • Normal castle you get back 50% of the resources (previously 100%)
      • Golden Castle will give you 75% of the resources back
    • In the instant demolition, you also receive 10% more resources (ie 60% for normal and 85% for golden)

    At the same time, we raised the gold cost for the instant demolition to 15 gold (previously 10 gold).

    Team comment
    We want to make those changes that players fight for a castle and not simply demolish it. These changes make it unattractive to demolish a castle directly. Deconstructing the buildings level by level is, if you have enough time, a better solution. This should give the opponent the opportunity to still get back his castle.
    We have had many players in contact who do not like their Golden castles. Since we now want to incorporate these in the total number of castles (see calculations above), we would also like to offer you the opportunity to demolish these type of castles. Of course, we want to protect your golden castles, so the “safe”-time of 7 days was set upped here.
    With these changes, we hope to make Golden Castles greater but not necessarily keep them permanently in our worlds.

    resource loss on farm attacks:

    Attacking a player still steals the same amount of resources. However, the attacker receives only 10% - 90% of the captured resources.

    Team comment
    Unfortunately, we find more and more often that players specifically upscale accounts (multies) to then farm their production. It is very easy to get multiple IP addresses nowadays, which means that these types of games (like damoria) are having more and more problems recognizing these multi-players.
    We want to counteract this by making farms no longer so interesting in Damoria. We want to achieve with this large range that these players who rely on farms, can no longer expect this revenue. The team thinks an attack should be for the attack purpose and to damage the player, not to enrich himself.

    Further changes:
    • Increased Noob protection from 1 billion points to 3 billion points
    • the capacity of the merchants has been increased by 10
    • the building levels and troops were greatly increased for new main-castles (after first registration)
    • the building levels and troops from the starter packages have been greatly increased
    • The online status of a player is now only visible to the Alliance leadership
    • fixed an issue where "gray" Golden castles could not be captured
    • Players who have not agreed to use the in-game messaging system will now receive messages from players who have approved the system. However, it is not possible, to write messages to other players as long as the policy has not been agreed. So you can again reach players as usual by message or mass (alliance) mail.
    • Fixed a bug where the Wall did not bring the right protection values. It will now provide protection against the destruction of the buildings as it was expected.
    • the function of the overview of new founded and conquests of castles has been rebuilt. So far, only new found’s were estimated. Now you will be able to see castle takeovers of active players.
    • We've made changes to the mage. The yield for troops and resources has been greatly increased.

    We invite you to discuss these changes.
    Discussion Thread Balancing Update 2018

    We wish you lots of fun with Damoria!

    many Greetings
    Your Damoria team