Discussion Thread Balancing Update 2018

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  • "Here we set a new maximum limit of castles - from which we plan that it should no longer be possible to conquer or found a castle. This limit will be 120 castles.
    If you have more castles, you will not be able to take or create any new castle (other than Golden) as long as you are over that limit."

    when player have for example 110 castles + much baldurs . he can conquer castles ?
  • Hello
    I do not see it well, since many players have spent a lot of money in this game.
    They have spent money and a lot of time invested, and you have just bought this game and you are putting a lot of pressure, when there are players who have spent more than 3000 euros during the 10 years we have been playing.
    those rules are not fair, so I'm not in agreement.
    What you have to do
    It is expanding warehouse.
    Reduce purchase costs
    Reduce costs for the purchase of certificates
    That can be demolished baldures
    That can be helped between partners to grow (I mean, to be able to attack)
    Put more gifts to attract more people
    And avatar package costs, so that people want more to play.
    This game takes many years and if you want to change it in two days, the people that we like the game, we will go and you will remain alone.

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  • The changes to help starting players are very good. The newly installed main castle does not have to be built up from 0 anymore. Secondary castles that build the construction vehicle can also be larger. This means you do not need to invest months / years before you can fully participate.
    But due to the Noob protection increase from 1 billion points to 3 billion points, it is canceled again. Again a new player needs to much time before he can play the full game.

    The beginning players simply need to find a good alliance that can help protect them. Moreover, a good alliance provides more fun in the game. Making a novice player want to keep on playing.
  • I do not really pay attention to what's happening on the forum . I played for 3 years without using the forum. I could not send out absolutely nothing. I can not figure out what the problem was. I sent dozens of messages to support but in vain.I can use the forum because I passed my account on this BitMeUp 1 month ago .

    but I know one thing. it's annoying to try to attack 1 castle and be blocked by the system because you use the same IP . I tried last night to attack an ice castle and it happened the same thing. it's annoying
  • I see some big problems with the changes you are planning:

    The demolition of a castle has long since given back a pittance of what has been necessary for the construction. This has not been a reason so far not to break down a castle that is under attack. Mostly, castles are broken down if the owner can not even store all the raw materials in his stock and the majority is lost. Now the special castles can also be demolished. And also now you will hardly get any booty if you win a fight.
    Conquering a castle from a player who is active and not your immediate neighbor is already almost impossible. The majority demolishes the castles. If you capture it, the owner usually retakes it before you can get your troops in, to defend it. If you have managed to get troops in the castle, the castle will hardly give you anything if you can demolish it two days later. If you keep the castle, you must keep defense forces in it for as long as the owner and his alliance form a threat. Less troops to continue the war.
    In this way, attacks are made unattractive. It costs you only troops, raw materials and there is hardly anything to win. Damoria is a war game not a building game.


    1) Make the loot that the winner can take with him, depending on the number of troops defending the castle and no longer from the attacking troops. By attacking tactfully you can eliminate a lot of opponents with a small attack army and capture a big prize. Farming is slowed down and the use of the battlesimuator is promoted to lose as few troops as possible. ( big attacks are no longer necessary to take as much loot as possible). The defending castle still loses all resources when a battle is lost.

    2) Allow the amount of raw materials you get back when a castle is destroyed after conquest to depend on the time. Reward the player who manages to hold the castle for longer. 50% when you demolish 2 days after conquering. 100% after a week.

    3) Demolishing a castle level for level is extremely expensive and/or time consuming. The resources arrive in the same castle that you want to demolish and are not wanted there. The capacity of the merchants has increased by 10. This is far too little to transport the resources before a counter-attack makes you lose everything. Increase capacity of the merchants by 100.
  • You'd like to increase the marketers carrying capacity while reducing what can be plundered?

    A little history on the evolution of Damoria... After the first limit on castles ( 10 ) and the introduction of gems and construction sites people started using armies to move resources by trading attacks with their guildmates so that precious construction sites could be spared for barracks, stables and catapult workshops. Markets became pretty much useless because you couldn't move enough resources through the market, especially after building levels went from 50 to max level of 100.

    Veteran players have worked too hard for everything they have to have castles stripped away by having a limit of 120. I'm small compared to most people on world 1 but I'm also a returning player that knows how hard the veteran players have worked and fought for everything they have, they earned their place, let the new players earn theirs.
  • Hello, I would like to give my opinion about these changes that you propose.
    1. It seems wrong to put and take truce at your whim without warning in advance. You show little respect for those of us who keep the game alive, that is, we the players.
    Would not it have been better to wait for the Christmas truce to propose this update?
    2. It seems to me an aberration that you make changes of this caliber without first asking the players, that I repeat again that we are the ones who after years keep this game active. You must learn from other games like Spaceinvasion (Also from this house) where you ask before making important changes. Some are better or worse received, but we vote for them.
    3. It seems right that you want to change and boost the game, but I think you should do it in the coming world, you can not a player who has been in damoria for 10 years in which in many cases he has lost effort and money to change the rules of the game. overnight. Test the changes in new worlds and ask if they want to be introduced to the oldest worlds.
    4. Finally I want to give you several ideas to make Damoria more fun.
    - You want that the players do not attack one another to be able to raise our castles faster?
    Strengthen the merchants, make a building where merchant cars can be recruited and so the player can move the resources generated between their castles to make a bigger empire, so nobody would have to attack another player to raise their castles.

    -You want to limit the castles.
    Make a ranking of troops added to the ranking of constructions, so players will not only seek to be well placed in the ranking based on constructions, so the value plus troops would have an important sense in the game. Climb the fields of the castles so we can build more buildings, give the possibility of the wizard of solar prizes to the castles. Propose more new constructions that help to play more, but that does not affect the current rules.

    -You want to make the game more active.
    Change the strategy of the game. Forget that a player can lose their castles, you give a lot of value to them. "Revolutionize the game"
    Empower the most active player to grow, give prizes for player attacks from one to another. As an example, you could say that when a player attacks another resource, they also take resources for killed troops or even take gold.

    I have a lot of ideas that would change the game, they would make it more fun and dynamic, but they would not have to change the current rules of the game. I do not understand what you propose, you excuse yourself in what you do to help the new player, but it is not like that. Many old players help us grow with the system we have now that the only thing is to attack each other. If you do not increase the merchants and reduce the% of the farms, having castles with buildings at 100 will take much longer than before because nobody uses the merchants because it is useless with this system.