maintenance 29/30th october

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    • maintenance 29/30th october

      Hello Space Pilots, Damorians and Masters of Mebula!

      Unfortunately, at the end of last week we had to find new problems with our database server for Damoria, Mebula and 2 universes of SpaceInvasion (RETRO and Ecowars). We tested different solutions that did not lead to the goal.

      We have now decided, that we didn’t transferring the databases to another server and then transferring them back to the server it comes from, the easier and faster way to set up a new server for these worlds.

      Nevertheless, we need a period of time where we can transfer the databases to the new server. This will be on the night of Monday the 29th of October to Tuesday the 30th of October 2018 from 1am to 4am (CET). We will maintain the fight stop in Damoria until Tuesday evening. For SpaceInvasion, the universes RETRO and Ecowars are deactivated and also for all universes an attack protection until 8pm (CET) will be enabled. The time for these two universes will be added.

      We apologize for the last days. Unfortunately you can not foresee when technology likes to do the job and when not. We did our best to repair the server (also at the weekend) and hope for your understanding.

      best regards
      Your teams from SpaceInvasion, Damoria and Mebula