Market implementation

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    • Toadie wrote:

      What do you think about being able to exchange 1000 emeralds for, for example, 40 gold for another type of gemstone? It's an interesting idea.

      Greetings Toadie
      Hi Toadie,
      yes, I was also thinking of something like that, just maybe a little cheaper :D
      even if I share with you the basic idea of the preciousness and exceptionality of the exchange above all for what concerns w2, that I had forgotten ... :/
      because to be honest, I thought only in fact w1, where more or less all of us players, we have well padded safes
      it could also be linked to special research that would open in the main castle only after all the other searches are at the highest level, maybe even after the highest levels of construction have been achieved, for example the 3 military buildings level 100
      this could be a good starting point for further growth and commitment to players who have already built everything :)