Accountmanagement Changes

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    • Accountmanagement Changes

      Greetings Damorians!

      Castles grow, empires arise and wars rage. Time will always bring new challenges to you.

      Today, we would like to announce a change to our account management.
      It's time, now Damoria will be also separated from Bigpoint services. Starting October 15, 2018, it will only be possible to play Damoria via a BitMeUp account.

      Chupa and I would like to thank Bigpoint for their support and confidence in recent years. Bigpoint will shut down the Devlounge (where Damoria was implemented) at the above named time. We take over all accounts (if you wish) so all gold and all game data.
      You don’t have to wait until the 15th of October! Since the introduction of the BitMeUp network, it has been possible to link a Damoria account with a BitMeUp account.
      You get a BitMeUp account on - and you can manage the link on the Damoria Settings page.

      Please note: As of October 15, playing is only possible with a BitMeUp account. If you then log in to your Bigpoint account, you will be asked to link it. If you already have your Damoria account linked, just log in with your BitMeUp account and continue playing right away!
      The takeover-process is available until January 15, 2019.

      We would like to list a few advantages of this takeover:
      • You can manage all BitMeUp games through an account
      • you have direct full access to the forum and the BitMeUp Lotto via your BitMeUp account
      • You can obtain bits in the BitMeUp network for great bonuses in Damoria. You will receive bits about events and soon about daily tasks!
      • Enjoy the BitMeUp Shop system which provides you with more items. Furthermore, we can create faster and more targeted deals for you!
      • Get great bonus codes on our Facebook page or to events that you can use in the new shop to get gifts!

      BitMeUp had already done the same account-takeover with SpaceInvasion, which allowed us to gain experience in the takeover itself, problems and concerns. We will give our best to make the takeover as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible!

      We are glad to take this big step with you!

      Best regards
      Dschibait, Chupa and the entire Damoria team!