A little help

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    • A little help

      So yeah, Im pretty new to this game and I don't understand few things, would love if someone could explain them to me.
      1. What is transfering a planet to another position for? Just to reposition myself or do I get smth out of it?
      2. How do I create an asteroid and what exacly it is?
      3. What do I do when Im out of space for buildings at the planet?
      That's all I can think of at this moment, Im going to ask more if I came up with smth.
      (I would check the threads but they're mostly in german and I don't speak that language very well)
    • Welcome to SI!

      1.) Just positioning to an environment of your choice. Actually you may do this with your starting planet.

      Sometimes you might win it at 'interdimensional transmitter', kind of a lottery.

      2.) If there are battles, debris is created out of ships and defense installations. Starting form a certain amount of debris, the debris might form an asteroide.

      On an asteroid there are little fields for bulidings, usually between 15 and 40. Only few types of buildings are possible, but only here you can build the galaxy scanner. Galaxy sacanner allows you to see some kind of fleet movements.

      3.) First let us look at this aspect of the game: Higer levels of buildings need extreme amounts of resources and of time. Therefore your development will virtually stop, or better expressed, slow down extremely at higher building levels. Want some examples?: You will rarely find fleet bases bigger than 20, building mines above level 30 or 40 is very challenging.

      Therefore it is assumed, that you do not need infinite number of building fields on planets.

      The maximum of building fields on a planet is 400 (theoretically).

      A planet you intent to keep, should match your requirements regarding building fields.
      If not, delete planet and try to colonize until matching, or build only carefully, keeping in mind the necessity to delete sometime.
      About the least reqiurement in building fields:
      Some players say, it should be 300+, others 350+, some would not keep 380-......

      You can buy fields (for the hole Uni-Account) in the shop, but only limited,
      and nowadays you may win them in 'interdimensional transmitter'.

      And let me tell you this, important for colonization:
      Some players regard it to be comfortable planets neighbouring each.
      But attention: this constellation attracts attackers.