Serverdowns: 18/19/20th June

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    • Serverdowns: 18/19/20th June

      Hello Space Pilots, Damorians and Masters of Mebula!

      On June 18th, our server provider had a power outage in one part of the data center, which meant that only our game servers could not be reached.
      After we fixed this, a game server fell out yesterday. He is responsible for SpaceInvasion 2 and Damoria.
      After we were able to repair this as well, the database server crashed for Damoria and SI2. It also runs parts of the BitMeUp network, which meant that the login was restricted in all games.

      In the meantime everything is running again and we were able to find the problems (a broken SSD).

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Best regards
      Your teams from SpaceInvasion, Damoria and Mebula