Questions about AA

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    • Questions about AA

      1. If an alliance teammate stations his fleet on my asteroid for an Alliance Attack, will his fleet points be added to mine ?
      2. If someone spy the asteroid, will he see the fleet of my alliance teammate(on my asteroid) in his spy report ?
      International Union [IU]
    • 1. No addet points

      2. Not See the fleet other ally Teams and your parking fleet .

      § 8.3 Alliance Attack(AA)

      The rules for normal attacks also applies for an alliance attack. Furthermore the AA hast to be launched or cancelled within 36 hours after the planning phase has been initiated.
      AA-participants may not enter vacation mode nor leave the alliance until their fleet has returned. An AA can only be started with at least two participants. Dividing the debris field will be in proportion to the fleets sent. (eg player A has send 1 million fleetpoints and player B 2 million fleetpoints, thus Player A will get respectively 33,3% and Player B 66.6% of the debris field). Deviations must comply with the pushing rule (see § 6 Pushing)
      Using the alliance attack option to escape flight will be considered as bugusing.
    • Dschibait wrote:

      1. i fixed that the points don't increase anymore
      2. yes, i also fixed (some months ago) that AA fleets are also shown in the spy report. (before it was only the first fleet)


      Could you fix also Stealth bomber AA attack ? If we are talking about AA made only with stealth bombers.

      The problem is that its visiblle all the way on target command central screen as an empty attack - without fleet, after flying 50 % of time the bombers are displayed.

      It would be nice to have this the same way like normal stealth bomber attack.

      Edit: And also if this would be possible to look for any sollution for canceling any AA attack. Now it need to fly all the way to target and back if you cancel it anyway. For most of the players it suicidle to risk such attack. This would gave more option and fun in the end :)

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