GDPR: Updates and Changes

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    • GDPR: Updates and Changes

      Hello Space Pilots, Damorians and Masters of Mebula!

      Today, we've updated the new privacy policy for BitMeUp Services and Games. As you know, the GDPR ( will come into effect on Friday, May 25th.

      The teams of our games, as well as Chupa and Dschibait always strive to keep your data as safe as possible and to keep it private.
      In order to gain more transparency here, we have decided to set up a list of personal/private data that we need to collect for our games and services.

      We'll list all our affiliates, software, and terms in the new Privacy Policy Overview. We have also redefined the topic "private messages" for our games.
      Previously, in a suspected case like a violation of rules, terms and conditions, or applicable right we accessed private messages.
      In order that we don’t need to presuppose this, we offer in all games a possibility to agree or disagree on this systems. Players who do not want to agree to these access rules can now continue to play SpaceInvasion, Mebula and Damoria without access to private and alliance messages or the chat system.
      It is still possible to write or access in-game messages with the team.

      The new privacy page also provides information about partnerships with payment providers, e-mail delivery partners, or board software.

      In the future, it will no longer be possible to start conversations in the forum. If you would like to reach the team or operator (producer), we kindly ask you to use the in-game message features or the support or ticket system as intended.

      We are always at your disposal for questions, ambiguities or problems.

      Best regards
      Your teams from Mebula, SpaceInvasion and Damoria