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    • BitMeUp Sidebar

      Hello Space Pilots, Damorians and Mebuly Masters!

      Today the new BitMeUp sidebar is available for you!

      In each of the BitMeUp games and also in the forum you can simply move your mouse to the left side of the screen to open the new sidebar.
      Here you can quickly log into your accounts of all BitMeUp games.

      As you may already see, we have included "quests" and the new (non-purchasable) currency "bits" for the future. Soon, you will be able to do daily tasks in all games to work out bits that you can exchange for great bonuses!

      If you don’t want to open the new sidebar on the left of the screen, you can also "lock" it by using the lock icon in the upper left corner.

      We wish you a lot of fun in Space, on the battlefield or in one of the areas of Mebula.

      best regards
      Your teams, Dschibait and Chupa