devolo vs. Nico94

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    • devolo vs. Nico94

      The following fleets fought against each other on 2018-02-02:

      Attacker: devolo
      Stealth bomber 17000

      Defender: Nico94
      Transmitter 410
      Small fighter 2
      Colony ship 205
      Spy probe 703
      Recycler 1185
      Battleship 2400
      Stealth bomber 595


      Attacker: devolo
      Stealth bomber 16938

      Defender: Nico94

      The attacker won the battle!
      He won 2.964.150 pieces of pig iron, 8.892.450 pieces of metal, 2.964.150 kryptonite crystals, 8.892.450 units of spice
      The attacker lost a total of 6.200.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 255.491.000 units.
      There are now 54.595.200 metal and 48.313.200 kryptonite at these space coordinates
      The chance of an asteroid forming is 0%
      Converter by si-machine 1.1