Ice castle

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    • Hi Nero
      Ice Castle / halloween castle are similar to Baldur castle
      stars 5 5 5 3
      but construction sites are 1320
      they can not be completely demolished, but levels can be lowered manually or by enemy catapults and they can be conquered.
      Also, they do not need Deeds of Conquest for them , and they are not counted in the calculation of the 10 free castles without the expense of precious stones for building wagons and conquests, just like Baldurs Castles
    • -Nero- wrote:

      Hello Srt, thank you very much for the ready answer, I feared i would have waited months for it...
      Good night

      Hello Nero,
      We answer every day asking from each player very promptly.
      If an answer from a player is answered correctly, we do not reiterate this, of course!
      I'm online every day, as well as the rest of the team! We read your posts every day ... but not always when you are on or asking questions at the same time. ;)

      ... also we will not always explicitly give a detailed answer to each question.

      But if you had carefully followed the forum, your question would be unnecessary, this was answered before days.

      So please leave your moaning about times that are far from any reality!

      Mfg toadie
    • Hello Toadie,
      I'm sorry, I did not meant to criticize the administration's work. In fact I didn't even mentioned the forum's admins. The answers could also come from users, like the competent one that I received here from S-in-Wonderland, so my fear was directed to the community in general rather than to you or the team.

      Unfortunately no answers came from either users nor mod here and here, so I think my fear remains a fear rather than a moan. Nevertheless I'm happy that the team is online every day, keep up the good work!

      I searched Ice castles on the search bar but found nothing related to my questions, can you link me the page where my question were already answered? Thanks!
    • Toadie wrote:

      08/15 wrote:

      brief castle discription / kurze Schlossbeschreibung

      Ice Castle / Eisschloss

      BS / BP: 1320
      used / verbaut: 750
      spot / Ort: chooseable / wählbar
      gem sort / Edelsteinart: chooseable /wählbar
      storage / Speicher: full / gefüllt
      treasury / Schatzkammer: full / gefüllt
      Hello Nero,no problem.

      regard Toadie
      I think this would answer to one out of my three questions indeed, so I think my other two remain pertinent questions.
      Thank you for the patience, best regards!