Pinned New Universe 2017

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    • Hello

      Universe speed - 3x, like it was/is on Genesis, keep it.
      Merchnant can be standart.

      Like Goreu written before - try to do something with the fleet to make it more fun and rest of it more useble. I compleatlly agree with him.
      I would sugest to block on this uni Phoenix, and ad some base speed to Destroyers (from 4000 to 5400 for example).
      This will give a good choice then to build battleships or destroyers.

      No fog of war please, this is not fun.
      Standart Attack Zones - 17.

      Astros on uni - ulimited, but block building of galaxy scaner, so whe can have a lot of fun using Alliance Attack's, now its suiccide when you start it, a lot of time to be intercepted when everybody seas where your fleet will return before it reach it target.

      To make this uni atractive players need to see that this uni is not made like previus ones - i mean NO PAY FOR WIN.
      So International Transmiter need to be blocked for more than before it was or avaliable until you reach for example 60%-70% points of current uni lider. (Like in catch up system)
      I have nothing against people who will want to use to catch the top players, thats fine, but buying top place is not nice for most people.

      Perhaps it's not bad to give on this uni a choice for players when it will end. The choice that anybody who will fnish it can have a option to transfer his account to Retro for example instead of plazma on the end. As long we will not reach riduculus numbers on it.


      ps. Do something with old unis ... less and less players :( Not to much new ones :(
      We're part of a story, part of a tale
      Sometimes beautiful and sometimes ... insane
    • Or screw the universe like that. Where there are many aliens. But they may also normally attack players. To keep the spy attacks going like we do to ordinary players.


      But I'm still waiting for the best event of this game. Means internal recycling. :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      Recycling event
      Is the best

      :thumbsup: TOP 6 :thumbsup:

      :saint: Jestem,kim jestem :saint:
      :evil: SI2-Endless :evil:
      8) sojusz-alliance 8)
      :thumbsup: .Soldiers of Death. [.SOD.] :thumbsup:

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    • Dschibait

      no ones says something else; we didn't wrote anywhere that this would or could be allowed.

      I know that it hadn't been mentioned I was just wanting to ask if it was going to be the case. Or was being thought about by the SpaceInvasion Team.

      As I would find it a bit unfair to those who will be just starting up in the new server.

      UNI's Played :-

      Alliance for all Uni's :- Soldiers of the Space [SotS]
    • I wasn't trying in any way to derail your excellent work in producing a new server. The Space Invasion Team has done a great job in bringing us not only a new server but some new strategies to the the game. I am glad I came back after leaving the game for awhile. Plus to anyone who think's the assistants ain't worth the money are crazy. They really make your game play so much better in SI. To put it honestly they really don't cost that much to having them for 30 Day's. Well worth every dollar spent.

      Just a General Question about the up and down of Defence's : Just would like to know that if I down the defence's that I ain't putting down the Shield's as well. And that it only applies to the firing defense's ?

      UNI's Played :-

      Alliance for all Uni's :- Soldiers of the Space [SotS]

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    • Bring the former game back to its old glory I say.

      Start a 1 year long server [BUT] in this universe no one gets assistance ie merchant spy assist and so on.
      Limit all players planets to 13 max with 400 fields also take out the interdimensional transmitter period.
      Honestly strip it back to the barebones no cash mean no advantage over others.
      Play the game like it was made and designed for :P

      Give the real game back to its self, we have 3 paid servers already we don’t need a new one lol.
      Time Spaceinvasion was once again original as remembering that the only reason the payment feature was implemented was to keep the game alive and on going but also to give us all a more better and stable server witch has been achieved by far now.

      To many mods takes the originality of a game away, we have been blessed over the years as many know
      But not once have I seen the game in its original form since the last time it was shut down.

      Just a idea :D
    • Well I remember they tried to bring in advertising and player's all got upset about it. But for a game on the internet to survive these day's. It need's some way to fund on going cost's. Yes we have a new server but there obviously would be a on going cost to the game developers. Plus the employment of those within SpaceInvasion support. To say that their is no on going cost is ridiculous. Plus look at any other game out there on the internet they all make changes to their game's. Change's are all ways involved to improving a game to get other new players to start playing and old player's back because of something they see change that they like.

      So you would like a SI original game. Maybe. But for the on going cost of the game server. You get an Original SI but have to pay a small weekly payment for access to that Original server. But I guess players get all up set that they have to pay for access. But that's life nothing come's free there's all way's someone that has to pay.

      UNI's Played :-

      Alliance for all Uni's :- Soldiers of the Space [SotS]

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    • Yes I agree and I remember that and it’s a big no no for everyone when it comes to advertising,
      But you seem to like jumping the gun in your posts as I have already noticed lol.

      I never once said their would not be a cost to spaceinvasion so please calm down, as for a original server and costings well I’m a paying player every month and not just in one uni as I pay and play two with all assists.

      What you should of just said was ok let’s take the P and make all players pay £10 a month just to play in a new uni but give them all the assistances at the cost of £10 a month, that’s a joke right, it’s up to the game developers not to take the liberty with what they earn from paying players and for them to set aside funding for all the mods, employees, upgrades and changes to the game.
      So why are you concerned with what spaceinvasion must earn because your missing the hole point.
      We pay them not they pay us lol, they will already no how to allocate cash for new servers and it should not be yours or my concern about costing in any way shape or form.

      I agree all games need money to survive let alone to maintain there growth.
      But the hole idea of not having to pay brings the original game back to its self.
      What I saying is all new unis should I quote not have a paid feature, my reason for this is that a lot if not the majority of player don’t have the extra cash to divert into the game like I and others.
      Yes maybe the starting x20 bonus should be applied and should end once a player hits 20 million points.
      That means anyone playing or starting gets the same as everyone else no ifs no buts and no advantages.

      In any game where there is a paid feature it automatically gives players with cash the advantage over others am I wrong?. when really it’s about even playing and why a new server with no assistance would benefit the game in the long run, I mean to see who really is the best of the best is to give them what we all original started playing with and that’s at no cost, the game obviously makes loads of money there is no doubt about that lol, so why can’t there be a server where players can just play and have fun targeting others, means you as the player have to do all the work yourself, no just buying your way in and seeing all players planets lol
      You have to search 400 pages X14 again to find and hunt.

      Remember this would only be a year long server temporary, also the other issue I see with the game is that having 3 servers we all can play on already means players are all over the place, you say about players coming back or even new ones joining then in reality this game should only have one server where all players play and then a separate uni for the ability to join a former one already running as a bonus server.

      So if we want to really talk about cost then am I wrong in saying that running SI2, nexu and retro ain’t already costing the game, surly if the game was running less servers then the cost is reduced?
      Or am I going to flip it and say let’s just have 20 servers so spaceinvasion can make a mint out of us lol
    • AlienHarvestor wrote:

      AODM1 your call for a classic Invasion has come to eventuate. A Uni of just straight out strategy. :)

      Int. Transmitter, Event and new "Classic Invasion"-Universe! <----That's the Link
      Yes it was ;) a good server but the only draw back was again yet another paid feature to buy your way in lol, not complaining tho as I ended 11th over all, sadly this came at a time all my children started the 6 weeks holiday ;( In time I hope the lovely team will make another one just like it then I’ll be hunting a few select players in my newly started list, was fun to say the least that’s for sure :D
      And the most funniest part was my old pal sitizen joined but didn’t muster even a finger to grow in power, gutting really as I’m sure he would of loved me